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Is Samsung Galaxy A20, A20e, A20S Waterproof And Water Resistant?

For some time now, many people have been wondering if the Samsung Galaxy A20 is waterproof and water-resistant. Well, this is good at least to lets you know your device and how to handle them. So without wasting much time, let’s go straight to the point.

Is Samsung Galax A20, A20e, A20S Waterproof, And Water Resistant?

Well, any smartphone that has waterproof always comes with an IP rating. Some had IP67 while others have an IP68 rating. The IP68 means your device can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

The IP68 rating has improved and is mostly found on flagship phones. So to answer your question, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is not waterproof and also not water-resistant.

Yes, the Galaxy A20 falls under the budget category and as such comes with some limited features that perfectly fit the price bracket. So you have to protect your device at all costs against water and other solid.

You can get a waterproof case for your phone so as to prevent any damage by water.

samsung galaxy A20 waterproof

About Samsung Galaxy A20, A20e And A20S

The Samsung Galaxy A20 series are all budget smartphone that sells under $200. They both have average inbuilt storage with good cameras set up and a massive battery. The Galaxy A20e is the lite version of the A20 while the Galaxy A20S comes with improved storage and other features.

Sadly none of them has waterproof nor water-resistant. They don’t even have splash resistant which mostly found on budget phones like Xiaomi and others.

The good news is that there many waterproof cases out there. However, if you are buying any cases, you should first read the users online and see if it will be suitable for you or not. The last warning is, never put your phone inside water for any reason, and when it mistakenly comes in contact with liquid, dry it.

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