Is iPhone 11 IP68 Rating waterproof/water resistant: Explain

When Apple announced their 2019 iPhone line-up, most people expected that it would feature at least some of the modern tech obtainable in 2019. Faster processors, Newer Camera arrays, fresh UX; the iPhone 11 series didn’t disappoint all that much. These days, some features are given in high-end smartphones: things like waterproofing and NFC.

However, people tend to overlook those (especially those who wouldn’t buy the phones eventually). But those who would make the purchase, they’d really like to know how these features affect them in real life (especially when you consider the large “mullah” they’ve dropped for the phone in the first place).


Let’s say you get caught up in pouring rain, would your iPhone be safe? Could you use it in the rain if you wanted? You’d really want to know.

iPhone 11 series are IP68 rated; in technical terms, this means they can stay in as low as 2 meters in water for 30 minutes. In real life, it means the phones would withstand a lot of water, as long as you don’t leave it there for long.

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And it’s not just water it’s resistant to; other liquids such as coffee, juice, etc. won’t bother the iPhone 11. Apparently, Apple paid a lot more attention to water resistance testing, all to ensure the phone’s durability. Even as the iPhone 11 has been proven to be water-resistant, it isn’t always recommended to have it around water frequently.
iPhone 11 waterproof
After all, with the hefty amount of money you dropped on the device, all you really need is the assurance that it won’t get broken immediately it comes in contact with water, not constantly dunking it in the water at every given opportunity.

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You definitely shouldn’t be comfortable pouring liquids on your phone, but it feels good (feels right actually, at that price point) to know that, when it does happen accidentally and unexpectedly, it wouldn’t fail on you.

iPhone 11 even has a very nifty feature, which would notify you when it detects liquid in the lightning port; prompting you to let it dry it out before trying to use the port; so you don’t destroy the phone by yourself.

So, even when you know your iPhone 11 is waterproof enough, you should still be careful. Don’t be eager to have it around water all the time, and keep it away from other liquids as much as you can.

Is iPhone 11 waterproof FAQs

Q: Will iPhone ever be waterproof?
A: Of course! iPhone has always been waterproof, since the iPhone 7.

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Q: Does the iPhone work underwater?
A: depends on which iPhone you’re using. If it’s the iPhone 7, you can’t easily touch elements on the screen. Generally, waterproof iPhones (iPhone 7 and later) are completely usable up to 2 meters in water.

Q: can iPhone 11 survive saltwater?
A: IP68 rating means iPhone 11 could survive saltwater, so far you rinse it afterward.

Q: Can water void my iPhone 11 warranty?
A: Surprisingly, yes. If for any reason you have water finding its way into the innards of the device, the warranty has been voided.

Q: Can I take my iPhone for underwater diving?
A: You can. Just be mindful of the fact that the phone would only survive up to 2 meters of water for 30 minutes.

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  1. can iPhone 11 survive saltwater?
    A: IP68 rating means iPhone 11 could survive saltwater, so far you rinse it afterward.

    WRONG IP68 is only for tapwater

    read the ANSI/IEC 60529 norm and you will see


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