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iOS 14 Interesting New Features You Should Know

What makes iOS 14 the heartbeat of Apple is the new features it comes with. Although Apple was not able to hold WWDC ’20 in person as they always do, however they were able to present the latest features the new iOS 14 has in store for us.

Some of them are great and enticing while others have already been available on the Android operating system. Without further adore, let’s see the iOS 14 features which will also be available to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and much more.


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iOS 14 New Features:

1. Home Screen Widgets

Home Screen Widgets
Credit: Apple

This is one of the biggest features of iOS 14. It gives you the ability to add Widgets right to your home screen. You can even pin specific widgets right to your home screen, with your icons being “pushed” out of the way.

The widget comes in different sizes Small (2×2), Medium (2×4), and Large (4×4 and above). You can use the widget on some limited apps below…

  • Batteries
  • Calendar
  • Fitness
  • Maps
  • Music
  • News
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Weather

There is also a “Smart Stack” that displays a series of widgets that can be swiped through.

2. App Library

App Library
Credit: Apple

Some still find it annoying to scroll through boatload apps just to get to a single App. Well with the App Library, you can locate any app in second using the search box at the top of the page.

When tapped, it will display all your Apps on alphabetical order and you can locate the app by typing the name on the search box. Sadly, there is no option to create your custom folder. However, Apple makes sure everything is in order. There is even an option to see recently downloaded apps.

You can also use a single screen and the app library on your iOS device.

Step 1: Press and hold on the Home Screen to bring up “Wiggle Mode.
Step 2: Tap on the page dots at the bottom of the screen.
Step 3: Then uncheck the pages you want to hide.

Remember, it does not delete the pages, instead is hide them from your view.

3. Compact Calls

iOS 14 Compact Calls
Credit: Apple

As you can see, the phone app will no longer take over your iPhone user interface. You will get a pop-up bar whenever a call comes in giving you an option to pick the call or reject it. This is another pretty new features from the iOS 14.

4. Redesigned Siri Interface

iOS 14 Redesigned Siri Interface
Credit: Apple

Siri now has a new user interface looking very simple and attractive. It’s now well equipped and ready to answer whatever question is being asked vocally. A small card will also appear giving you the information.

Nevertheless, you can’t still interact with the screen whenever Siri is activated. What’s more, it has been updated to make use of the internet, search the web, and brings you needed answer at any time. You can also use Siri to forward an Audio message to your contacts.

5. Picture in Picture

iOS 14 Picture in Picture
Credit: Apple

This may not sound amazing, but believe me, iOS users will find it more captivating. The new features let you continue watching videos, or FaceTime call while doing other things on your iPhone. You can even move the video out of the way via swiping.

6. Messages

iOS 14 Messages
Credit: Apple

iOS 14 brings some added features to the messaging app and they are below.

Pinned Conversations: You can now pin up to nine conversations at the top of your messaging app. Whenever you miss the message, a blue dot appears next to the name. The recently sent message will also show up in a small text box over the picture.

Group Photos: On the Group conversation, you now can customize the name and image of the group. You can do this using Memoji, your photo, or an emoji.

Mentions: With this feature, just typing the contact name on the group chat will alert that person even when the group chat is muted. You can also set Messages up so that you only receive notifications when you are mentioned in the conversation.

Inline Replies: This option lets you and someone else have a separate conversation while in a group chat.

Memoji updates: Apple has brought new customization options for your Memoji. This includes options to add a mask, 20 different and new hair/headwear styles, and many more.

7. Maps

IOS 14 Maps
Credit: Apple

Apple maps also bring in new features and they are as follows…

Cycling directions: The new iOS 14 map now shows you specific paths and directions if you are cycling. This is an idle feature for bike lanes, dedicated bike roads, and more. You also get the elevation levels of your path, whether you will encounter stairs or steep.

Electric Vehicles: Those with electric cars can use the Apple maps to track the current charge of their car and also be notified when your charging stops along the route.

Guides: This is a new feature available for everyone to access information from various places. You can use it to get more detailed information about museums, restaurants, or even national parks.

8. Translate App

Translate App
Credit: Apple

This is all new app and it comes in handy best for travelers. This app does more than just translating a single word.

Conversation Mode: This feature will display what you are saying in one of the 11 different available languages. Thanks to machine learning and Apple’s Neural Engine, you will get “natural-sounding” conversations.

On-device Mode: Even without internet access, the off-line mode will translate to any language that you have already downloaded.

Favorites: This allows you to common translations that can be used and viewed at any time.

Attention Mode: This mode is for getting someone’s attention in just a few minutes. All you need to do is just say the phrase and it will be translated.

9. Home/HomeKit

Credit: Apple

This is a new feature for Apple home pod.

Redesigned Home app: The Home App has been slightly redesigned. It now shows a new Home Status bar at the top of the app. This shows a quick breakdown of what your various HomeKit accessories like how many lights are on, and what doors are currently locked or unlocked.

Suggested automation: This shows some suggestions on automation. This includes turning lights on when you arrive home, locking a door when you leave, and many more.

Adaptive lighting: This feature makes it possible for for your lights to automatically adjust throughout the day.

Homekit Cameras: If you have a Smart camera added on your home pad, you can now set Activity Zones from the app so that your camera only focuses on what you want it to. The Face ID also allows you to tag people and notify you when specific people are at your door.

10. Car keys

iOS 14 Car keys
Credit: Apple

Despite Apple not having its electric car yet, they bring in new features that will work on the compatible car. These new features allow you to unlock and start your car right from your iPhone. It’s compatible starting with the 2021 BMW 5 Series.

The Key is saved via your wallet using NFC to communicate with your car. The interesting part is that you can even use your Apple Watch to unlock the Car. You can even share the car key with your friends and family members by creating different profiles for each driver. You can also share the key via iMessage after settings the Access.

11. App Clips

iOS 14 App Clips
Credit: Apple

App Clips create a mini” app on your phone that can be used with the “Sign in with Apple” feature and Apple Pay to get access to apps on your iPhone without downloading them.

The app runs fast but not the full version of the original. After the app is added, you can scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag to have the App Clip show up. After you’re done using it, it will be removed and automatically deleted after 30 days.

More Features

App Store: This enables App developers to lets users share their subscriptions to members of a Family Sharing group.

Health: The updated Health app can now track and record your sleep easier than ever.

Notes: The Notes app has been updated and you can now find your notes faster and make a good document scan.

Set default apps: Apple now lets users set a third-party app as default for email and browsing.

Weather: Remember, Apple now owns the Dark Sky and they have already begun integrating these features into the Weather app. It now notifies you about severe weather events and many more.

Reminders: This comes with a new Quick Entry and Smart Suggestions.

Safari: Good news, an entire web page can now be translated. You will see an icon appear in the address bar whenever you come in contact with a compatible page. iOS 14 JavaScript has also been improved for better performance which is now 2x faster than Chrome on Android. Safari also monitors password and alerts you when that password appears in a data breach.

Camera: The camera app has been updated and it’s now 90% faster when taking photos or videos recording.

Wrapping Up:

The iOS 14 comes with big improvement similar to what we have on the iOS 12. Apple upgraded the new iOS and it’s a good thing that we can now enjoy exciting features on the iOS 14. Over to you, which of these features do you find more interesting?

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