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Intego Vs Bitdefender for Mac – Download Free Antivirus For MacBook

Because of how vulnerable we are to the internet and how cybercriminals are always on the lookout for us, the demand for anti-virus software has been rapidly increasing. Intego and Bitdefender have been industry leaders in this war and have had a significant impact.

In this blog post, I will compare the two in the hopes that by the end, you will be able to reason fairly based on your conviction about which is best for you and make the decision to use it.

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Intego focuses on Mac and is unquestionably a market leader in this area. With the recent increase in MacBook Air compromises, Intego has been detecting and reporting the majority of new attack methods used by these cyber criminals.

The recent discovery of the CrescentCore virus, which disguised itself as an Adobe Flash player this summer by Intego, solidifies its position as one of the best when it comes to Mac security.

Intego has several packages available for you to choose from to secure your device. The majority of them are streamlined to provide you with the best experience possible. The best thing about Intego is that it only requires the installation and will begin cleaning up your device within minutes.

Intego’s primary responsibility is to protect its users’ data from phishing and scam emails. It has a malware engine and behavioral analysis that prevents malware, spyware, and other threats from attacking.

At the moment, Intego is offering 65% off their viruses, take advantage of this offer and have your Macbook Air protected.



Bitdefender does not bombard users with notifications about their security settings. It moves slowly to detect threats such as viruses and malware without interfering with your work or slowing down your computer.

In comparison to other anti-virus programs, Bitdefender does not constantly request your approval for every action it takes. This system is ideal for those who prefer antivirus software that effectively blocks and protects their hardware as they go about their daily tasks. 


While both have been doing great in combating cybercriminals, there is little difference in how they function in doing it. Intego offers a strong defense against highly developed ransomware and zero-day attacks. The Intego Web navigator Shield provides a one-of-a-kind layer of security when shopping online. To ensure that you can browse safely, fake websites and phishing attacks are blocked.

Bitdefender on the other hand operates differently in a unique manner. It does not bombard you with alerts, unlike other antivirus programs, I hate too many notifications too. It defends you anonymously until choose to see how it protected you.

It protects in the least intrusive manner possible, emphasizing the convenience of running apps in the background while the system filters and actively checks for any suspicious activity. 

What Service Do they Offer?

Intego’s packages include a smart security mechanism that is perfect for home and hotspot security. The use of IP addresses and open ports is one of the most underappreciated intrusions. Hackers or Cybercriminals use them the most to gain access to our devices.

The Intego NetBarrier prevents hackers from accessing your device. It also has a firewall that is aware of its location. This one-of-a-kind feature easily switches and adjusts your firewall settings to the best level of protection as you switch networks, whether at home, at work, or while traveling. 

Bitdefender provides security packages that extend its protection to your phones, tablets, and even laptops. It works well on operating systems such as Android and Mac iOS and provides comprehensive security. Potential threats will not be able to infiltrate your plug-in devices such as microphones and webcams. As an added layer of security, the packages include a VPN (a virtual private network). 

Bitdefender vs. Intego

Many expert reviews rank Bitdefender as one of the best antivirus packages. The results of the tests are remarkable, with malware diagnostic accuracy reaching 100% in many cases. Bitdefender is also praised for its minimal system impact and simplicity of use.

While Intego’s diagnostic accuracy is excellent, Its design is perfect for MacBooks. Intego though falls short in the mobile arena due to its clumsy detection methods for iOS devices and lack of Android support.

Bitdefender includes a VPN, whereas Intego requires a separate purchase. Each of these programs will detect and remove viruses and malware, but Bitdefender has the upper hand. 

FAQ About Intego

Is it safe to use Intego antivirus software?

All Intego antivirus packages include a slew of powerful antivirus and malware defenses.

How long does the antivirus software from Intego last?

According to Intego, its virus definitions are updated more than 100 times per day.

According to Intego, more comprehensive software updates are released several times a year, typically every month.

All virus definitions and software updates are performed automatically and without the user’s knowledge.

How do I turn off the Intego antivirus software?

Intego’s “passive mode” allows users to disable antivirus protection temporarily, which it advises against.

However, in this mode, you can run another antivirus program alongside Intego’s for added security.

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