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How To View Private Instagram Profiles and Stories

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms around the world. It comes with Facebook similar features but lacks some support such as private profile and stories viewing. You can’t also download or save photos on the messaging app. There are so many features we all desire to have on this social Media handler, but unfortunately, we can’t for now.

 View Private Instagram Profiles

Well, there are still some workaround and tweaks on how to view Instagram private Profile and stories. Below we will be working you around the whole process. You should note that to view any Instagram account, you will have to follow that particular page or person. So if you don’t want to follow anyone, but wish to intrude into their privacy, here’s how to.

How To View Instagram Profile And Stories

Below, we will be showing you the easy and simple way to view anyone Instagram profile, stories without fallowing them or been their fans.

Ask the Specific Account Directly

The best and easy way to view someone profile on Instagram is to ask them by sending them a follow request. Many folks will gladly accept your follow request, that way you can view their profile. However, what of if you don’t want to ask them or follow them, but wish to see their profile and stories?  Just move to the next method.

Form a Fake Insta ID

Anything fake is not legal and as such, this method is not recommendable. To be honest, it’s not the best way to intrude into someone Instagram profile. For those that don’t mind and the above method is not easy for you, you should create a fake Instagram profile that can be accepted so that you can view Instagram profile and photos. Try to make the fake account real and unsuspicious, use a well and attractive bio, make your ID private to attract more visitors and that way, many will be eager to approve your follow request.

Use Private Instagram Profile Viewer App/Tool

To get good results, you should try a third-party app or tool. These tools work and they will give you the desired results. Note, we don’t recommend nor promote any of the tools or website, so you should use them at your own risk.

Private Insta

This is the most popular Instagram profile viewing tool. It allows you to view private Profile and Stories. To use the tool is simple, all you have to do is to copy and paste the person username you wish to view the profile. Once you tap submit, you will be prompted to fill a general survey and after that, it will automatically take you to the person Instagram profile so you can view their photos.


This tool claim to be reliable when it comes to viewing a private Instagram profile and photos. It’s an easy platform tool that allows you to spy any private Instagram profile with just a simple click. All you need is the persons’ username and then click on Start Viewer option to begin the decryption process. The result will appear in a specified format, giving you options to download all the data.


This is another great tool to view any private Instagram account. The WatchInsta will give you a clear presentation and instructions on how to use their tool to view a private Instagram account. There’s a FAQ’s section to guide through the whole process.

 View Private Instagram Profiles


The InstaDP does it work very well and that is helping people to view private Instagram account without any restrictions. It has a clean and clear user interface and to use the tool is pretty simple as long as you follow the on-page instructions.


The InstaSpy is another great alternative tool to view Instagram private Profile. To get started, you will get all the information and guidance on how to use the tool on their website. It’s safe and free without any form of human Verification and all that. This is a great way to view Instagram private profile and photos.


All the above method works, but we can’t guarantee their accuracy. However, you should give them a try and use the comment box to let us know which one works for you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends as well.

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