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How To View, Create, Show And Edit Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Bookmarks in Google Chrome saves a link to a website you’d wish to review later, more so when a bookmark is been put in a book. Here are numerous ways a bookmark can be created, edited, and viewed.

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How a Bookmark can be created

Launch your Chrome browser, go to a website, and tap the star-like icon in the Omnibox. Then, the name of the Bookmark can be changed and designated to a particular folder, and then press “Done.”

This step should be repeated for all your favorite sites.

When a page is been saved as Bookmark, Google Chrome doesn’t just recall the page for you, it also uses it when you try typing in something into the Omnibox. Example, type in the first few words or letters of the title of a page that has been saved into the address bar like; “How” in respect to “TechyLoud” website. You’d notice how the page that matches what you typed in the Omnibox will be suggested by Chrome.

Moreover, if signed in to the same Google account on Chrome, the same that is been used on other devices. You can see all your Bookmarks harmonized from those devices.

Bookmark pages that are always visited, exhibits a blue star-like icon in the Omnibox to alert you that it has already stored in the browser.

How to View Bookmarks

There are numerous ways in which Bookmarks saved in Google Chrome can be viewed, this depends on whether the Bookmarks Bar can be used or kept in the browser as simple as possible.

Using the Bookmarks Bar

In order for your most-visited Bookmarks to be accessed easily with a single tap, the Bookmarks Bar can be used. This Bookmarks bar is a thin bar under the Omnibox where links that are visited more often are put or can be put.


Launch Chrome, tap the menu icon, point the cursor to “Bookmarks,” and then tap “Show Bookmarks Bar.” On the other hand, you can press Ctrl+Shift+B (Chrome OS or Windows) or Command+Shift+B (in macOS).


After it has been enabled, the Bookmarks Bar surfaces underneath the address bar with all the links that have been saved.

If all your Bookmarks can’t be sighted on the bar, then they may be saved in “Other Bookmarks” folder or inserted after the “>>” icon.

If not, your Bookmarks can be accessed directly from the Chrome menu, also.

Tap the menu icon, and then point the cursor to “Bookmarks.” Beneath are few choices, a list of all your Bookmarks will be seen?

Using the Bookmark Manager

The Bookmark Manager showcases folders and Bookmarks in an opinion comparable to that of a file explorer, alongside a tree-like view on the left, and the details of the folder in the middle of the window.

Launch Chrome, tap the menu icon, point the cursor to “Bookmarks,” and then tap “Bookmark Manager.” otherwise, press Ctrl+Shift+O button (in Windows or Chrome OS) or Command+Shift+O (in macOS).

In a new tab, The Bookmark Manager opens with everything that has been saved.

How to Bookmarks can be edited

If the need to change name arises, URL, or a Bookmark folder or location, it can be done in any of the locations covered above.

Editing in the Bookmarks Bar or Bookmarks Menu

Search for the Bookmark you wish to edit in either the Chrome menu or the Bookmarks bar (making use of the approaches emphasized above). Right-click the Bookmark, and then tap “Edit”, once the window opens, the name can be changed using URL (though you usually shouldn’t change this), highlight the folder in which it is stored by highlighting the destination folder. Once the Bookmark has been edited, tap “Save.”

Editing in the Bookmark Manager

If the need to do more than just edit the name of a Bookmark arises, the easiest way is using the Bookmark Manager. Here, Bookmarks can be rearranged or squeezed.

Press Ctrl+Shift+O button on Windows/Chrome OS or press Command+Shift+O on Mac to expose the Bookmark Manager. Tap the menu icon next to the Bookmark that needs to be edited in a new tab, and then taps “Edit.”

Just as in the former approaches, a Bookmark can be renamed and a URL can be changed, and then tap “Save” when done in order to update it.

Do you want to reorganize your Bookmarks? Drag and drop them into any of the folders in the pane at the left-hand side.

Not as difficult as it looks! You now have an idea of how the creating, viewing, and editing of a Bookmark is been done. Kindly drop your comments in the comment box if you still have issues with creating, viewing and editing your bookmarks. We will be glad to help.

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