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How to update GB WhatsApp without losing your chat

With all the new features added regularly to the WhatsApp application, people still use GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp, a modified version of official WhatsApp, offers a lot of useful features that are not found in the official version. It includes features like hidden message ticks, Auto-reply, and more.

WhatsApp warns people against using it as it is a modified version. But enthusiastic people still use it as it gives more control with a lot of useful features.

As it is an unofficial version, it cannot be installed from the Play Store or App Store. You have to download it as an apk file from a 3rd party website and install it manually on your device. It is risky but much needed for users seeking control.

GBWhatsApp is updated regularly and users need to update this app to avoid any issues. New features are constantly added, and you should get them before the old version expires or starts having any serious issues.


But this app is not updated through Play Store as the new version is downloaded as apk file and installed as a new app. So what happens to the chats, images, contacts, and other files that you had with the old version of the GBWhatsApp? Does it get deleted when you update to the new version of GBWhatsApp?

No. There is a way you can update to the new version of GBWhatsApp without losing your chat backups from the old version. Let us see the way you can update GBWhatsApp in this post.

Steps to update GBWhatsApp from an old version

If you already have GBWhatsApp installed on your phone, then you can use it to check for the new version. The current GBWhatsApp that you are using will give you an indication if there is a new version available. You can also update to the new version of the app. With this method, you won’t lose any chat backup from your old version.

Step 1: Open the current GBWhatsApp that you are using and want to update.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots found in the top right corner.

Step 3: Choose the “Fouad Mods” menu from the list of the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Then, click on the “Updates” option.

Step 5: You’ll be now presented with a list of options such as “Check for Updates”, ”GBWhatsApp Changelog”, and “Web Download”. Click on the “Web Download” option and open this link in any of your favorite browsers.

Step 6: In the browser, you will see the list of GBWhatsApp updates. Select the version that you want to update. Then, download the selected GBWhatsApp version apk file.

Step 7: The apk file will get downloaded in some time depending upon the internet speed.

Step 8: Open the downloaded apk file and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Then, tap the install button to get the installation process started.

Step 9: Once the app gets installed, you can use the new version of the GBWhatsApp with the chat backup from your last version of GBWhatsApp.

The above steps will work if you are updating to a new version from the current version of the GBWhatsApp application. But what if you don’t have GBWhatsApp installed on your phone and want to install a new version? How can you transfer the chat backup from the official WhatsApp version to the new GBWhatsApp? You can do it and here are the steps to do it.

Steps to update new GBWhatsApp from official WhatsApp

Step 1: Download and install GBWhatsApp on your phone first if you haven’t. You can download it as an apk file.

Step 2: Go to your official WhatsApp and click on the settings menu.

Step 3: Click on the “Chat” options and then the “Chat Backup option”. Your chat backup will now start.

Step 4: Open the installed GBWhatsApp once the backup is finished on the official WhatsApp.

Step 5: Register the GBWhatsApp with your official number and restore the chat backup to it by pressing the Copy WhatsApp Data option.

Step 6: Once the restoration process is completed, you will see all your chat data from your official WhatsApp in the GBWhatsApp app.

Note: Be cautious when downloading the apk file from unknown sources. You could download malware or virus from unofficial sources that will affect your smartphone.

Restore whatsapp


The steps listed here are the easiest way to update your GBWhatsApp from the old version or the official WhatsApp application. Using GBWhatsApp gives you more features and options that you can’t get with official WhatsApp. But updating it may be a bit tough as it is not officially available on the Play store. We hope this post helps you in updating the GBWhatsApp application without losing any of your chat data

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