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How to unlock Sprint iPhone and switch to other networks

If you’ve got an iPhone that’s locked to Sprint, you might want to check online on how to unlock a Sprint iPhone. In this post, you would be learning the various steps to take when embarking on unlocking the Sprint iPhone.

To begin with, you need to understand that you can either apply to unlock the iPhone domestically or internationally.

If you would be unlocking the iPhone domestically (in the USA, that is), then you would need to have been active on the network for at least 50 days, you must have fulfilled all Billing and Payment agreements and of course, the iPhone shouldn’t have been reported stolen.

If you would be unlocking the iPhone internationally, you must be a current Sprint customer, with your Sprint account active for at least 90 days, and the iPhone shouldn’t have been reported stolen or associated with fraudulent activity.

If you’ve ensured your eligibility, you can then proceed to unlock your Sprint iPhone and make a switch to other networks.

Going through Sprint directly

If you’ve established that your account is eligible for unlocking your Sprint iPhone, then all you have to do is contact Sprint directly.

Simply contact Sprint Customer Care and Sprint Worldwide Care for Domestic and international SIM unlock respectively. For Domestic SIM unlock, the number is 1-888-211-4727, while for international SIM unlock, the number to call is 888-226-7212.

Use third-party unlock services

Going through Sprint directly only works if you are a bona-fide Sprint user, and you’ve been able to keep the eligibility requirements for official unlock at Sprint.

Most of the time, if you are buying the Sprint iPhone second-hand, you can contact the original owner of the device.

If that’s not plausible, you would want to carry out the unlocking someplace else without a hitch. You would most likely be served adequately by third-party unlock services.

For a fee, you can use a service to unlock a Sprint iPhone within a short time. Some of the most popular and reputable Unlocking companies you can use DirectUnlocks, Keys2iPhone.

To go through this method, head on over to DirectUnlocks.

Making the switch to another network

Making the switch to another network would now so easy to do, once you’ve successfully unlocked the iPhone.

Switch off the iPhone, and then remove the SIM from it. Put in the new SIM you intend to use, and then restart your iPhone. Go through the on-screen instructions to set up the iPhone and you’re good to go!


Unlocking Sprint iPhone FAQS

Q: Can I use a Sprint iPhone on other networks?
A:Sure! Provided you have been able to successfully unlock the iPhone.

Q: How do I unlock a second hand Sprint iPhone?
A: Use third party unlocking services such as DirectUnlock or Keys2iPhone

Q: Does Sprint iPhone require Factory unlock?
A: Sometimes it does require a Factory Unlock.

Q: What is the best unlock service to use for Sprint iPhone?
A: Some of the most popular services are UnlockPolice and DirectUnlock

Q: Can I unlock Sprint iPhone abroad?

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