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How to unlock AT&T iPhone

If you’ve got an iPhone that’s locked to AT&T, you might want to check online on how to unlock an AT&T iPhone. In this post, you would be learning the various steps to take when embarking on unlocking the AT&T iPhone.

To begin with, you need to understand that you can either contact the original owner of the iPhone (if you’re buying it second-hand, that is), contact AT&T directly (if you were the owner all along), or use a third-party service –specialized in unlocking iPhones

With that in mind, you will then ensure that you’ve paid all outstanding AT&T bills on the iPhone (if you haven’t, the unlocking process can’t be taken further).

Or if you had bought the iPhone second-hand, make sure it hasn’t been reported as stolen or for illegal activities. All unlocking attempts would be blocked if it has been a stolen iPhone.

The following are the actual procedure to take when you’ve got an AT&T iPhone you wish to unlock.

Going through AT&T directly

What better way to start the process of unlocking an AT&T iPhone than going through AT&T itself? This is a good way to start, however, it doesn’t give the desired result 100% of the time.

First, you’d need your IMEI, and you can obtain it by simply heading over to your Settings, then General and finally About. Just write down your IMEI somewhere safe and you’re good to go to the next step.

Now, head on over to your browser (we recommend that you use a PC and to the iPhone, you wish to unlock).

Sign in to your AT&T account by using the “com/deviceunlock” extension. You’ll find a substantial amount of documentation; you should go through them. Complete all the detail fields in the Unlock Request Form and then submit. Now you wait while your application gets processed.
How to unlock AT&T iPhone
Use an IMEI Unlock service

If we were to recommend a suitable method to unlock an AT&T iPhone, it has to be this one. Going through AT&T directly only works if you are a bonafide AT&T user, and you have had that AT&T iPhone registered on your account.

That means if you are buying the AT&T iPhone second-hand, you can contact the original owner of the device. Even if you are the original owner of the AT&T iPhone, you might have to constantly contact AT&T after you’ve submitted your Unlock Request, and that might take longer than you might like.
How to unlock AT&T iPhone
The IMEI Unlock approach works really well, and for most people. If you have acquired the AT&T iPhone second-hand, this method is the best bet.

For a fee, you can use an application to unlock an AT&T iPhone within 5 days. Some of the most popular and reputable Unlocking companies you can use DirectUnlocks, DoctorUnlock, Key2iPhone. To go through this method, head on over to DoctorUnlock or DirectUnlocks

Unlock AT&T iPhone FAQs

How do I unlock a second hand AT&T iPhone?

You would need to use DoctorUnlock or DirectUnlocks for unlocking the device, as you might not be able to go through AT&T directly.

Can my AT&T iPhone be unlocked?

Of course! Devices locked to a particular network can be unlocked either by the network themselves or by using an unlocking service.

How can I Unlock my AT&T iPhone?

You shall find in the above post, ways to go in the process of unlocking an AT&T iPhone

When can an AT&T iPhone not be unlocked?

Generally, only a stolen AT&T iPhone or one which has been used for illegal activities isn’t eligible to be unlocked from AT&T.

Can I unlock my AT&T iPhone 6?


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