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How to Turn Off / On TalkBack (or Voice Assistant) on Samsung M10 / M11 / M12

How to turn off talkback on Samsung Galaxy M10 with buttons? How to turn off talkback on lock screen? how to disable talkback without setting without settings? How to turn off talkback on Samsung M11? how to turn off voice Assistants on Samsung M12? Samsung Galaxy M10s Voice Assistant turn off?

TalkBack (or Voice Assistant) is an accessibility feature that gives spoken feedback to help low-vision users navigate their Samsung phones. As you can see, this feature is very important, and below we will be showing you how to enable and disable talkback on your device.

talkback on samsung

How to Turn  / On TalkBack or Voice Assistant on Samsung M11 / M12 / M10

To enable or disable TalkBack on your phone, go through Settings or use the Volume Keys shortcut. Just make sure to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select Accessibility.

Step 3: Tap into TalkBack.

Step 4: Toggle TalkBack On or Off.

Just as mention above, you can also enable or disable TalkBack via the Volume Keys shortcut. Just press down on both Volume Keys for a few seconds and you will be notified when TalkBack is enabled or disabled.

To ensure the shortcut is enabled, go to Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack and toggle TalkBack shortcut On or Off in TalkBack.

How to Change TalkBack Language on Samsung Galaxy M11 / M10s / M12

Step 1: Go to TalkBack Settings and then select Text-to-speech settings.

Step 2: Tap into Language and select your preferred language.

How to Change Speach Rate and Pitch

Step 1: Go to Text-to-speech settings in TalkBack settings, and adjust the Speech rate and Pitch to your liking.

How to Access TalkBack Tutorials

Step 1: Go to Tutorial and help in TalkBack settings.

Step 2: Tap into Tutorial and select the tutorial you’d like to complete.

About Samsung Galaxy M11

The Samsung Galaxy M11 comes with a screen display size of 6.4 inches that has a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels. The phone features Android 10, upgradable to Android 11, and is powered by Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450  chipset with an internal memory of 32GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 4GB RAM. It has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a 5000 mAh battery.