How To Turn Off Find My App On iPhone And iPad

If you want to sell your iPhone or you bought a refurbished iPhone or newly owned iPhone, you can’t just ignore the Find My app option on the device settings. Yes, you need to disable that option in order not to create any problem for your self in the future.

Or better still, not everyone will want to be tracked using their device, so you must learn how to turn off or disabled Find My iPhone on your phone for safety purposes. Just know that when you disabled Find My app, no one will be able to track you and you won’t be able to track your device or anyone at all. As you can see, this has consequences as well.

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turn off find my app

How to Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone or iPad in iOS 13

If you have a preowned iPhone, likely, the tracking is still linked to the first owner. In s situation like this, you must disable Find My iPhone option on the iOS 13. Below is how to do that.

Step 1: Open Settings App and tap on your name from the top.
Step 2: Next tap on Find My option under the iTunes & App Store.
Step 3: Then tap on Find My iPhone option and toggle OFF the green button.
Step 4: Now enter the Apple ID password when it prompts on the screen and tap on Turn OFF.

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However, if you don’t have the Apple ID and password, you need to Reset the iPhone completely. To do that, move to Settings, tap on General, now select Reset and Erase All Contents and Settings option to reset your iPhone.

Note: Resetting your iPhone will wipe all data on your device. So be sure you are making the right choice. Once you are done disabling the Find My iPhone on your iOS 13 either on iPhone or iPad, no one will be able to track your iPhone location

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