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How to Track Your Child and Family Using Find My on Apple Watch

The Find My App is one of the best tools to keep track of our loved one which includes friends, family, and devices. This tool as we all know is available for iPhone and Mac. What about Apple watch you may ask. Well, it’s also available on Apple Watch running watchOS 6 or later.

So with this tool, it’s possible to track your child on your Apple watch right from your wrist. To make it easy for you, here is how to use Apple Watch to track your kids.

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How to Find your friends on Apple Watch

It’s simple to use the Find My on Apple Watch to track your child, friends or family member.

Step 1: On your Apple watch, select Find People app
Step 2: You will then see a list of contacts who have shared their locations with you. You will even see the current city and the distance from you for each contact.
Step 3: Now tap to select a contact and you’ll see more details including their current location’s address and a map view of the spot. When you tap on the spot, you will get the direction of their location, contact them, and enable notifications.

To send or receive notifications

On your Apple Watch, you can enable notifications for Find People. This will alert you about your friend’s location as well as notify them when you leave or arrive. To receive notification of your child’s location, tap Notify Me and turn on the toggle.

You can also decide to get the alert when your child leaves his or her current spot to another location. To send notification of your location, tap Notify [child’s name] and turn on that toggle. You can now decide to notify your friends or kid’s when you leave your current location or arrive at theirs.

How to add a friend to Find People on Apple Watch

To add a friend, family or child on your Apple Watch, follow the steps below.

Step 1: On your Watch, open Find People app
Step 2: Then tap Share My Location.
Step 3: Select dictation, contacts, or keyboard to choose a contact
Step 4: Now pick a phone number or email address for your contact.
Step 5: Here, choose how long you want to share your location from three options: one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.
Step 6: Your child or friend will receive a notification that you are sharing your location with them and will be prompted to share theirs with you that’s if they like. If they agree to share their location, that contact will show up on your list.

You can stop sharing your location with them at any time by tapping on the Stop Sharing. That’s all. With the Find My App on iPhone, Mac, and the Apple Watch, it’s now easy to find or track your child, family, friends, and even your devices.

If you are having a problem locating your child using the Find My App, use the comments section or better still visit the Apple support page.

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