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How to Set up and Use Fitbit Sense

Want to know how to set up your Fitbit Versa 3 or Fitbit Sense? Whether you bought your new Fitbit smartwatch yourself or received it as a gift this year, you’ll need to take a few steps before using it.

The Fitbit Sense is one of the best Fitbits on the market right now, and it builds on the Versa line’s popularity with several innovative new features. Its goal is to empower you to take control of your health by assisting you in understanding your body and mind and making changes to improve your physical and mental well-being — and it succeeds.

It has an ECG sensor, like many of the top smartwatches and fitness bands, to identify signs of atrial fibrillation, but it’s the stress tracking feature that truly stands out, and it’s something that everyone can benefit from and use every day – not just in a medical emergency.

fitbit Sense

Although many of the tools for managing stress (such as meditation sessions and mindfulness lectures) are only available to Fitbit Premium users, the Sense comes with a six-month free trial, so you can get a lot of use out of them even if you don’t decide to continue your subscription.

The fitness tracking feature provided by Sense is also impressive. Especially if you are interested in training in the heart rate zone. With a variety of activity tracking options, you can combine your watch with the Fitbit app to get a variety of stats suitable for training after work. The

ECG feature was not available at launch but was enabled by a firmware update in October 2020. In June 2021, Fitbit began rolling out new firmware updates for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3. This adds the Google Assistant’s audible notifications, cheers for new goals, and the ability to change your watch face more easily. Some users have also received a new snoring detection tool as part of their public beta testing.

However, Sense is not perfect. There’s also room for improvement in the Fitbit companion app, especially the menstrual tracking tool that benefits from integration with skin temperature sensors and stress monitoring capabilities.

Like all the best Fitbits, Sense can be set up via the Fitbit companion app available on iOS and Android. Please install the app on your smartphone or tablet before running your new watch.

Also, make sure your watch is charged before set up so that the process goes smoothly. Follow the steps below. Your smartwatch will be up and running immediately and you will be motivated to get up and move.

How to configure or Set up your Fitbit Sense.

  • On your smartphone or tablet, launch the Fitbit app. Sign in to your existing Fitbit account or create a new one if you don’t already have one.
  • From the account section of the app, select Device Setup.
  • Select Fitbit Sense from the list of Fitbit models. Select Setup to start the setup process.
  • Please read Fitbit’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Select I Agree to continue.
  • You will be prompted to connect the Fitbit Sense to a magnetic charger. Once the charger is detected, you can proceed to the setup process
  • The “Fitbit Sense” display shows a 4-digit code. Enter the code into the Fitbit app to accept your Bluetooth pairing request.
  • Connect your “Fitbit Sense” to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Select Next, select your WiFi network from the list of nearby options, and enter your WiFi network password.
  • You may be asked to update your Fitbit. Select Update Now and wait for your Fitbit to update. Keep your smartphone nearby while your smartwatch is being updated.
  • Fitbit Sense has a built-in microphone, so you’ll need to verify the presence of the microphone to complete the setup. Select “OK”.
  • Skip or set the voice assistant. You can choose Google Assistant or Alexa. You will be prompted to sign in with your Google or Amazon Alexa account to complete the pairing.
  • Skip or set wrist calls. Please note that wrist calls are only available to users of Android phones.
  • Setting Up Fitbit Sense The final step is to decide whether to activate Fitbit Premium. Fitbit Sense currently offers a 90-day free trial of the Health Insights service. If you don’t want to launch Fitbit Premium during setup, you can click the “X” icon. The

The app will guide you through the most important controls and navigation features you need to be familiar with. Now you are ready to use Fitbit Sense.

Some Interesting features of the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

  • Alexa voice controls are included; Google Assistant will be available soon.
  • Daily stress tracking and mood loggin
  • Wide range of mindfulness and meditation tools

Fitbit Sense offers up to 6 days of battery life, but regular use of various sensors can save you a lot of time, just as you would with an always-on screen. When charging, charging is easy. Sense comes with a small square dock USB charger that magnetizes into your watch package. It is very easy to use and the magnetic connection prevents misalignment.

It provides all the usual smartwatch features you’d expect from a high-end Fitbit, including voice control via Alexa and the Google Assistant, Fitbit Pay (assuming your bank is supported).

Fitness tracking function

  • Extensive choice of training options
  • Suitable for heart rate zone training
  • Integrated GPS and Strava support

Workout alternatives for the Fitbit Sense consist of a bike, boot camp, circuit training, golf, hike, c program language period exercise(Haha), kickboxing, martial arts, run, spinning, swim, stair climber, tennis, treadmill, weights, exercise and yoga – which ought to cowl quite a whole lot everyone.

The Sense is waterproof against 50m, making it appropriate for swimming withinside the pool or the sea (even though Fitbit advises rinsing the strap with easy water afterward).

The Sense vibrates to suggest while you`re transferring among coronary heart price zones, that’s completely beneficial for training. You additionally preferred the truth that the coronary heart price is displayed prominently on the display screen in any respect times – something now no longer all health trackers do.

Physical and mental well-being can have a huge impact on each other, and this is the first smartwatch we’ve seen, putting both equally at the forefront. There are still some quirks that need to be resolved, but since these are primarily on the software side, Sense is expected to become even more useful over time.

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