How to Set up and Use Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit’s Fitbit Ace is a wearable fitness tracker designed for youngsters aged eight and up. The device is about the size of a thumbnail in an adult’s hand, yet it attaches to a wristband and can be worn like a watch. There are a few fitness features on the wristband, but no motion tracking capabilities.

There are a few key features to keep an eye on with the Fitbit Ace 2.

The Fitbit Ace can do everything from telling the time to tracking your steps. The following is a comprehensive list of its capabilities.

  1. Step tracking: The Fitbit Ace can keep track of how many steps the wearer takes over a day.
  2. Activity tracking: Keeps track of how many minutes a day the wearer is physically active.
  3. The Fitbit Ace, like other Fitbit trackers, has a digital watch face that can display the time and date in addition to tracking step and activity data.
  4. When the Fitbit Ace is connected to a smartphone, it may notify the wearer when they get a phone call.
  5. Notifications and reminders: The Fitbit Ace can vibrate or display an on-screen notification when the wearer has met a fitness goal. If they haven’t moved in a particular amount of time, the gadget can send them a reminder to do so.
  6. Leaderboards and badges: The Fitbit Ace, like all Fitbit devices, can sync with the free Fitbit apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. These apps can be used to create fitness goals, compete on leaderboards with friends and family, and earn digital badges for reaching particular milestones.

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What is there that my Fitbit Ace 2 can’t do?

The Fitbit Ace 2 lacks numerous capabilities that are available on more costly Fitbit trackers like the Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa because of its lower pricing and younger target audience. There are a few features and settings on the Fitbit Ace that aren’t available.

  1. The Ace, unlike other Fitbit trackers, does not support digital music storage, playback, or streaming.
  2. GPS tracking: The Fitbit Ace is unable to track its owner’s whereabouts.
  3. Heart rate monitoring: The Ace lacks heart rate or pulse sensing equipment. The sleep monitoring feature of the Fitbit Ace is limited to measuring physical movement.
  4. Fitbit Pay: Fitbit’s wireless payment service, which can be used to pay for items and services in select locations, is not supported with Fitbit Ace trackers.
  5. Apps: The Fitbit Ace has a colorless OLED display that does not accept third-party apps.
  6. Alternative forms of activity, such as swimming or lifting weights, are not detected by the Ace. It can only track how many steps you’ve taken and how long you’ve been active.
  7. Fitbit Coach: The Fitbit Coach app, which is accessible on other high-end Fitbit trackers, smartphones, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 devices, does not support guided workouts on the Fitbit Ace.

What is the procedure for setting up Fitbit Ace devices?

Create a Fitbit family account and connect the tracker to a phone or tablet to set up Fitbit Ace devices for your children.

I do not Have An Account Yet?

Follow these steps to create an account for your child if you don’t already have one.

  1. From one of the following locations, download and install the Fitbit app on your child’s device: Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads and Google Play Store for Android phones
  2. Open the Fitbit app with the tracker nearby.
  3. Join Fitbit by tapping the button.
  4. Find your device in the list and press it when prompted.
  5. Continue by tapping the Continue button.
  6. To create a Fitbit account, tap Create Account and follow the on-screen prompts.
  7. To validate your email address, click the link in the email you received.
  8. Return to the Fitbit app and press the Next button.
  9. Create a Family Account by tapping the button.
  10. Review the privacy notice by following the on-screen instructions.
  11. Tap Next after entering your child’s account information.
  12. Confirm that you want to link this device to the tracker. The viewpoint of a child appears.
  13. At the top, tap Set up.
  14. To set up your child’s tracker, continue to follow the on-screen directions.

I’ve already got a Fitbit account.

If you already have an account, follow these steps to set up your child’s account.

  1. Open the Fitbit app and log in to your account while the tracker is nearby.
  2. Tap your profile picture on the Today tab Fitbit logo.
  3. Tap Create Family Account, followed by Create Family. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to verify your email address.
  4. Tap + Make a Child Account.
  5. Enter your Fitbit password when prompted.
  6. To review the privacy notice, follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Enter your child’s account information, then tap Next and Finish.
  8. You must confirm that you want to connect the tracker to this device. The child’s perspective appears.
  9. At the top, select Set up.
  10. Continue to set up your child’s tracker by following the on-screen instructions.

Fitbit Ace Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fitbit Ace a water-resistant device?

The Fitbit Ace is officially described as “showerproof,” while it is not waterproof like the Fitbit Ionic, which is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It also protects you from “lunchtime spills” and “puddle leaping.” It is not suggested to expose a Fitbit Ace to heavy rain or to wear it while swimming.

How Many Colors Does the Fitbit Ace Come In?

The Fitbit Ace is only available in black, but it comes with a purple or blue wristband, dubbed Power Purple and Electric Blue, respectively. There are dozens of interchangeable wristbands available for the Ace 2 and Ace 3, some of which include popular characters such as Minions, but these bands are not compatible with the original Ace.

What Is the Battery Life of the Fitbit Ace?

The original Fitbit Ace and Ace 2 may last up to five days on a single charge; however, the Ace 3 can last up to a week on a single charge.

Who Can Benefit from a Fitbit Ace?

Although the Fitbit Ace is designed for children aged eight and up, it may be worn by adults as well. It’s worth noting, though, that the Fitbit Ace’s bracelet is only suitable for wrists measuring 125mm to 161mm in diameter. The Fitbit Ace may only be used with approved Fitbit wristbands. You will not be able to wear it if your wrist is larger than this size.

What’s the deal with my Fitbit Ace not working?

If your battery is dead and your gadget isn’t charging, left it plugged in for at least 30 minutes before attempting to switch it on. Try rebooting your Fitbit if it turns on but isn’t operating properly. For additional information on how to fix your Fitbit, go to the Fitbit troubleshooting website.

What makes the Fitbit Ace, Fitbit Ace 2, and Fitbit Ace 3 different?

The Fitbit Ace 2 has a more sturdy shell and a larger touchscreen, making it ideal for young children (ages six and higher). The Fitbit Ace 3 is nearly identical to the Ace 2, but it has a longer battery life, a higher-quality screen, and an additional button that makes it easier to use.

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