How to service your own computer

Not surprisingly, you can actually service your own computer almost as well as Computer service centers. You could easily circumvent the hefty and often needless price you have to pay when visiting a Service Centre to service your PC.

However, this post would be guiding you, not on detecting computer problems by yourself, but doing light servicing to your computer – the easy stuff. Although it is easy, you would be saving some money, knowing these tips and not having to go to the service center anymore for it.


Remove Malware and Viruses

Believe it or not, a lot of people are still under the scourge of viruses and malware. If you find that your PC is infected, or not working properly, you can easily remove Malwares and viruses in it, without having someone at the service centre do it for you.

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All you would need is a very good antivirus product, and you can easily check how good it is by consulting an antivirus test website.

Kaspersky and Bitdefender are some of the best antiviruses you can find right now, but they aren’t free; in fact, at this point, it is to be recommended to stay away from free antivirus products, as they do more harm than good.

If your PC has been eaten deep into by virus and malware, the people at the service centre would normally go through the registry and autostart entries (by hand) and would manually remove all the remaining malware and viruses not dealt with by the software tools.

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This is a long process, and if your system has already been eaten deep into by malware and viruses, there’s no guarantee that they (at the service centre) can get all them out. So, they often just reinstall Windows, which luckily you can do yourself.

Reinstall the Operating System

Reinstalling the OS is quite an easy thing to do, and could be quite handy for when you’ve got your PC getting slowed down. You could do it in a number of ways, and it’s even easier on newer PC models since they have Factory Restore partitions, which you can access by pressing the correct key when booting up the PC.

You could restore your PC right from a CD or DVD, or use the original Windows installation disc (if you initially installed Windows yourself). You could even use the Refresh or Reset feature to reinstall Windows (if your PC runs on Windows 8). However, ensure you back up all your important files and folders before embarking on the reinstallation process.

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service your own computer

Upgrade your RAM or Hard Drive

Some computer upgrades are particularly simple to do yourself, and Upgrading the PC’s RAM is one of them. Inasmuch as you buy the right and supported RAM to your PC, the installation comes easy as far as most PCs are concerned. Even when it comes to Hard Drives, you can do a new installation yourself, although it is a bit more complicated than it is when upgrading the RAM.

This is because you’ve got to reinstall Windows or move the existing OS over (if it’s the original Hardware you’re changing) Even at that, Hard Drive upgrade isn’t too hard for you to do yourself.

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