How to Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

How to screen record on Samsung Galaxy A22 5G? Screen record on Samsung A22 5G? How to take a screen record on Samsung A22?

Recording the screen of your Samsung Galaxy can be fun.  It can also be useful in tutorials and show loved ones how to perform certain tasks on their device. So you have every reason to learn how to make a screen recording on your Samsung Galaxy A22.

The most exciting things are that after the screen recording, you can post it on titok, YouTube, and other social media Apps. Have you seen a similar screen recording video before? I have seen it and it looks amazing and interesting. Especially when making a video call with your loved ones and recording it.

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Well, we will go into detail and show you how to make a video recording of your Samsung A22.

 how to record screen on Samsung

Method 1: Record video using Game Launcher

Step 1: Click on “Menu” on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy A22.

Step 2: Now move to “Advanced functions” and access by pressing with one touch.

Step 3: Again, move to “Advanced functions” and access by pressing with one touch.

Step 4: Here click on “Games

Step 5: Next is click on “Game Launcher

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Step 6: Now, you have to activate Game Launcher by pressing on the switch to turn it blue.

Step 7: Finally, the Game launcher is activated on your Samsung A22, just go to the home screen of your Samsung and click on its icon.

Step 8: Click on the context menu, the three dots, and then Add Application.

Step 9: Here you should add the Application you want to record.

Step 10: In this step, you will have a menu appear at the bottom that symbolizes that the App which shows its compatibility with the Game.

Step 12: Now you can tap on the Gear icon and then click on Record.

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Step 13: Here you will have the option to choose to record the source audio or your audio.

Step 14: Press on Record.

Step 15: Done. To stop recording, display the notification menu and click on “Stop recording”. After that, all the screen recording will be saved on the Samsung Gallery app.

About Samsung A22 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A22 features a screen size of 6.4 inches making use of an IPS LCD panel and has a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~274 ppi). The device is powered by Android 11 OS and it has an built memory of 128GB and 4GB RAM.

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