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How To Reset Your LG Smartphone When Locked Out

We are humans and because of that, we can easily forget things and this includes our phone password. If you have an LG smartphone of any model and you are stuck with the screen and emergency dial pad. The good news is that you can still Reset your LG phone even without the password.


Reset Your LG Smartphone When Locked Out

Remember, resetting your LG smartphone will automatically wipe every data on your device. So if you can still access your phone, it’s better to backup your important files first before factory resetting your LG phone. To hard reset, your LG smartphone, follow the simple step below.

Step 1: Turn off your LG phone
Step 2: Press and hold the Volume Down key and the Power Lock Key at the same time.
Step 3: Now Release the Power Lock Key when the LG logo appears on the screen and then press and hold the Power Lock key again.
Step 4: Release all Key when the factory hard reset display
Step 5: Press the Power Lock key to continue the factory reset or use the Volume Key to cancel.
Step 7: Again press the Power Lock Key to confirm or the Volume Key to cancel
Step 8: The factory reset will complete and your LG smartphone will reboot and become new.

How To Factory Reset LG Smartphone Using LG Master Reset Code

Many folks don’t know that they can reset any LG phone using the LG master reset code. This code works perfectly even though the phone is lock and you don’t know the password or Screen Pattern.

Follow the steps below to reset your LG phone using the master code.

Step 1: On your LG lock phone, tap on the emergency dial pad.
Step 2: Now dial this code 1809#*101# or 2945#*#. Incase that code did not work, dial this #668 and press the home button.
Step 3: If the code did not work on your LG model, dial this *#*#7780#*#*. And your LG smartphone will be reset to factory settings.

How To Unlock LG Phone without Losing Data

To some, losing the phone’s data is like loosing their whole device and because of that, they want to unlock their LG lock screen without hard Reset. The thing is, it’s possible though but will require third-party software and a PC as well. If you are phone geek and you are good at PC as well, then you should download dr.fone – Unlock (Android). The software can remove the lock screen such as password, fingerprints, PIN, and pattern. The good news is that it removed a lock screen without data loss. It works in all LG smartphones and also on Samsung smartphones as well such as the Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and many more. With that, you can be able to unlock your LG phone such as the LG G3, LG W10, LG W30, etc.


These are all to know. We hope that the methods above are enough for anyone to Unlock their LG smartphone without any issues. Use the comment box if you have any questions and don’t forget to share this post with your friends who might be having similar issues.

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