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How to Reset ONN Soundbar

If you are looking for a way to reset your Onn soundbar, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be walking you through the steps to reset your Onn soundbar.

Soundbars are a popular choice for home audio systems, but they, like any technological item, can have problems from time to time. The necessity to reset the soundbar is one of the most typical problems. Resetting your Onn soundbar might aid in resolving issues such as connectivity issues and audio errors. We’ll also be discussing some reasons you may need to reset your soundbar and the potential benefits that come with doing so. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

how to reset onn soundbar
how to reset onn soundbar

Reasons you will want to Reset Onn Soundbar

The Onn Soundbar is a well-known audio device that improves your audio experience while watching TV, playing games or streaming music. Yet, like any other electronic device, it can develop problems that cause a reset. Here are some reasons you should reset your Onn Soundbar:

  • To upgrade the Onn soundbar’s firmware.
  • To resolve any issues with the Onn soundbar’s connectivity.
  • To delete any saved settings or data from the Onn soundbar.
  • To return the Onn soundbar to its original settings.
  • To troubleshoot audio issues with the Onn soundbar.
  • To reset the Onn soundbar’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • To reset the Onn soundbar’s audio settings.
  • To reset the Onn soundbar’s Bluetooth connection.

How to Reset your Onn soundbar

Below tutorials will help you have the best result at resetting your Onn Soundbar. In the end, if you still have other issues regarding resetting this audio device, please leave a comment, and our admin will respond to that within 24 hours.

Below are the steps to take to troubleshoot your soundbar and possibly reset it.

Power cycle your Soundbar

The first step in resetting your Onn soundbar is to power cycle the device. I frequently resolved little difficulties and glitches in this manner. Follow these instructions to power cycle your soundbar:

  • Remove the soundbar from the power supply.
  • Wait 30 seconds before proceeding.
  • Reconnect the soundbar and turn it on.

Using the Soundbar Buttons to Reset

If you don’t have the remote control, you can use the device’s buttons to reset the Onn soundbar. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Remove the soundbar from the power supply.
  • For 15 seconds, press and hold the soundbar’s power button.
  • Plug the soundbar back into the power outlet while still holding the power button.
  • Hold the power button for another 15 seconds, or until the LED lights on the soundbar begin to flash.
  • Wait for the soundbar to reset once you release the power button.

Using the Remote Control to Reset

If power cycling the soundbar does not work, try resetting it with the remote control. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Hold down the Bluetooth and volume-down buttons on the remote control at the same time.
  • Hold both buttons for around 5 seconds, or until the LED lights on the soundbar flash.
  • Wait for the soundbar to reset once you release the buttons.

Reset Using the Onn App

If you have the Onn app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can also use it to reset the Onn soundbar. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Choose the soundbar from the list of connected devices in the Onn app.
  • Choose “Settings” and scroll down to find the “Reset” button.
  • Touch “Reset” to confirm you wish to reset the device.

After resetting your Onn soundbar, you must reconfigure the device. Connecting the soundbar to your TV and other devices, altering the audio settings, and connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are all possibilities.

Onn Soundbar Remote Not Working

If your Onn Soundbar remote isn’t working, it might be frustrating and hinder you from fully enjoying your music experience. The following are some troubleshooting actions you can take to remedy the problem:

Check the batteries: Checking the batteries is the first step in troubleshooting a non-working Onn Soundbar remote. Check that the remote’s batteries are fully charged and correctly put into the battery compartment. If the batteries are low or mistakenly inserted, the remote may malfunction or stop working entirely.

Check the line of sight: The Onn Soundbar remote communicates with the soundbar through infrared technology. This implies that for the remote to work effectively, it must have a clear line of sight to the soundbar. Check for any obstacles, such as furniture or other objects, between the remote and the soundbar.

Pair the remote with the soundbar:  If the remote still does not work after being reset, you may need to link it with the soundbar. To do so, turn on the soundbar and press and hold the “Pair” button on the back until the LED light begins to flash. Then, on the remote, press and hold the “Volume Up” button until the LED light on the soundbar stops flashing. This should repair any communication issues between the remote and the soundbar.

Consider replacing the remote: If none of the preceding methods resolves the problem, it may be time to replace the remote. A new Onn Soundbar remote can be got from the merchant where you purchased the soundbar or from the manufacturer.

Reset the remote: If the batteries and line of sight are fine, try resetting the remote. Remove the batteries from the remote and hold down any button for at least five seconds to accomplish this. This will drain the remote’s remaining power and reset it.


Restarting or resetting your Onn soundbar can help resolve difficulties such as connectivity issues or audio errors. Power cycling the device, using the remote control or buttons on the soundbar, or using the Onn app are all options for resetting the soundbar. Make a backup of any vital settings or information before resetting the device, as resetting the soundbar will wipe all settings and restore the equipment to its factory default condition.

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