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How To Print Text Messages from An iPhone

The text messages on your iPhone may be very important to you. And so you are looking for step/ways backing up them. In addition to you creating the iTunes / iCloud backups in other to save your iPhone messages. In most case, some iPhone users may be demanding of printing out the text messages on paper to back up. In the following step, we are going to introduce to you some few ways in which you will be able to print text messages from your iPhone. You can print out iPhone text message via your Email, screenshot, and free third-party tool.

Print Text From iPhone

Step 1 Printing out Text Messages from iPhone @Email

Printing messages via the Email, you will need to manually copy the message, paste and send each of the message /conversation @ Email. In this case, please kindly copy one conversation/message each time. And if in your case you have so many messages which you will need to print, I must say this method will have to take you much time and energy. Moreover, you will have to lose all the date and time information. Sometimes, you will have to follow these instructions to learn how to print messages from the iPhone @Email.

Step 1: Click on the Message app on your iPhone device, open the conversation which you want to print.

Step 2: Tap and hold the message that you are to print to get various options, example {forward, copy, speak, and more}. You will have to select the “Copy” option to copy the contents of your text to the clipboard. And you can as well select multiple messages.

Step 3: Open your Mail app which is on your iOS device and then draft a new email. You will click and hold the message body getting various options. Please select the “Paste” button for pasting of the text message you just copied.

Step 4:  Accessing your own Email account from your computer for you to be able to print out the email text, which contains your text messages.

Part 2: Printing your Text Messages from iPhone by taking the Screenshots

You can take a screenshot about everything you do on your iPhone screen, plus chat, maps, and also text messages. You simply take screenshots of your messages, and then you can print all without any hassle. You will be saying this is very easy. Yes using this great technique, you can also capture text messages and then print them according to your convenience. Let’s see how to do it with some few steps.

Step 1: Open the text message.

Step 2: Click the Power and the Home button at the same time to take a screenshot.

Step 3: Move to the Photos -app on your iPhone viewing your screenshots. You can also simply select these images and send them directly to a printer.

Part 3: Printing Text Messages from iPhone using the EaseUS MobiMover Free

EaseUS MobiMover Free is the first free iPhone transferring software known in the market, it functions perfectly backing up text messages on your iPhone in the text format, and print all of them out from your computer.

Computer or transferring files from your PC to iPhone to add content without iTunes, check the online tutorials.

Step 1: Plug/Connect the iPhone to your computer (PC /Mac) clicking Trust in the prompt on your personal iPhone device in other to trust this computer. Launch EaseUS MobiMover and choose the device to Mac/PC.

Step 2: Then Go to more and you will select Messages. And if you have to, you can also transfer other file types along with the messages from the iPhone to the computer making all at once.

Step 3: Please Tick the folder icon in other to set a storage path for your iPhone device messages to be transferred.

Step 4: Click the Transfer in other to begin the process of transferring messages from your iPhone to your computer. And the messages copied from your iPhone will be saved as an HTML file on your computer.


Great! That is how to copy and print text from your iPhone into hard copy. If you are confused please leave a comment below at the comment section as it’s our priority to make sure you are satisfied.

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