How to Play Mines Crypto Game

Exclusive games are some reasons to pick one online casino over another. Mines is one of the custom titles available at that promise a fun gambling adventure. It’s an uncomplicated game of chance that could be the perfect introduction to online gambling for a novice player.

If you are testing the cryptocurrency gaming, waters then this title won’t disappoint. The absence of a learning curve for Mines makes it suitable when gambling solely for entertainment. Nonetheless, you still need to know the basics of betting on the crypto game.

From the name, you might have already guessed what the game is about; it involves exploding mines. If you ever played Minesweeper on Windows, then you have an idea of what to expect. This Stake casino title is based on the popular PC game.

The difference is that with Mines, you play for real money. Therefore, you could collect an attractive profit if luck is on your side. So, how do you start betting on Mines? This guide covers everything you need to know.

Play Mines Crypto Game

The Mines Gameplay

Your goal when playing Mines is to clear the gems in the grid consecutively until you hit a mine or cash out. Every gem you reveal adds to your balance, thanks to a multiplier. So, the more gems you open successfully, the bigger your returns.

If you set off a mine, it mimics an explosion, wiping out everything on the board, meaning you lose all your winnings. For this reason, you have to be careful about every subsequent reveal because it could be your last. Alternatively, you can quit while ahead to avoid risking the balance already accumulated. Mines allows you to cash out at any point in the game.

For example, if you cleared 10 tiles, then decided you don’t want to find out if the next one is a mine, you can opt out of the game. This option is ideal for low-risk players who don’t intend to put too much on the line. In the instance you choose to cash out before the game ends, then the last recorded multiplier determines your winnings.

Note that the game’s multiplier grows with each reveal. It means the multiplier for your 5th consecutive gem is worth more than the 4th. With these details, you have a clue about what happens in the crypto game. A look at the review of Mines on should paint a clearer picture of what to expect.

How to Play Mines

You need an account at to gamble on Mines. It’s the only place you can play this particular title. Creating an account should only take a few minutes. After logging in, you can find the game under the ‘Originals’ section of the library. You must enter a bet amount by clicking on the relevant tab on the screen. The bet limits are similar to what’s available on other exclusive Stake titles.

These figures vary according to digital currencies. For example, Bitcoin has a maximum bet of 100 coins and a maximum prize of 5 BTC, while Ethereum sets the maximum wager at 1,000 and the top prize at 150. Therefore, check out the limit table carefully before deciding how much to stake in the game.

Mines is designed with a 5×5 board consisting of 25 tiles. It lets you decide how many gems and mines to have in a certain game. The variable mine selection means that you choose your odds. You can opt to have anywhere between 1 and 24 mines. If you pick 2 mines, the remaining 23 tiles contain gems.

The number of mines determines the game’s volatility; the more the selection, the higher the volatility. If you have a few mines on the board, then it means wins are frequent, but with small amounts. The secret is to balance the gems-mines combination to ensure it matches your risk tolerance. Don’t gamble for high stakes when you are still new to the game.

You can make things more interesting when playing Mines by selecting random tiles. The title has an option to ‘Pick Random Tile,’ adding an extra level of unpredictability. If you feel the game is getting a tad monotonous, then this feature should spice things up.

The game has an autoplay feature to speed things along. You don’t have to spend hours on your PC clicking on tiles. However, only players with a bit of experience in Mines should consider using autoplay.

Playing Mines for Free

The cryptocurrency game doesn’t have a demo mode. So, you can’t play it for fun as with a lot of other traditional casino titles. Nonetheless, you can still try Mines without wagering virtual coins. Open the game, leave the bet amount at 0, and play. The game allows you to clear the gems as in a paid session. However, a successful play doesn’t generate any wins. Once you understand how the game runs, proceed to include real money wagers.

Can You Play Mines on Mobile?

If you prefer gambling on your smartphone or tablet, then you can without any trouble. Stake Casino offers mobile gaming options in the form of a responsive website. So, the crypto gambling site loads on virtually any device with an updated browser.

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tab, you can play Mines. The mobile platform is a mini version of the standard Stake website. Hence, you get all the features of the popular casino game. The game is highly adaptive, providing stunning graphics across various devices. Since Mines doesn’t have many features, it’s suitable to play on screens of almost any size.

The Mines crypto game is an exclusive title that delivers an exciting gambling experience. It’s a simple casino game that you can learn how to play in a few minutes. The details in this guide should make that process even easier. Play the provably fair game, which has the potential to earn lucrative returns.

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