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How to pay for parking by SMS in Dubai For Abu Dhabi plate, Sharjah plate, and Dhabi plate

Technology has made it easier and now possible to do almost everything without sweating. So if you are among those that still follow the traditional way of paying for parking with coins, good news for you, you can now switch to using SIMs. The latest is now Mparking, this is the city’s automated SMS service to pay for paid parking tickets in Dubai and other cities.

The Dubai parking system follows a new format and it’s the best way to ensure that you don’t rack up any parking fines while you are in the city.

pay parking in Dubai

About Mparking

The Mparking is an e-service offered by the Roads And Transport Authority (RTA) that motorists can use to pay for paid parking in Dubai using an SMS message from the mobile phone. This is the most convenient way to pay for paid parking in Dubai.

How to Put a Paid Parking in Dubai Mparking SMS system

You can pay for a Paid Parking using SMS on Dubai in two different ways as follows

1. Create the Message

To make parking specs using the Mparking system in Dubai will require you to compose a message. To do that, open your phone message App and put it in the number 7275 (PARK) in the senders’ address.

Note, the 7275 is the official number that you can use to pay for the Dubai parking fee via SMS. After that, just draft the message in the following format.

<Plate No.><space><Zone No.><space><Duration>

Now your SMS will be looking like this A12345 317C 1.

If you are in a parking Zone A and want to get a half-hour ticket, you should use this format of 1/2. For example, something like this A12345 317C 1/2. However, other format can also includes , .50, 0.5, 0.50, 30,30min, 30mins, 30minute and 30minutes. Remember, half an hour parking in Dubai is only applicable in Zone A.

As for those cars that are not registered in Dubai, that is those vehicles registered with Sharjah or Abu Dhabi plate number, you should follow prefix the emirate/country code to the existing Dubai SMS for parking.

<Emirate/Country code><space><Plate No.><space><Zone No.><space><Duration>

2. Sending the Message and getting your confirmation message

After you have drafted the message, you can now send the text. After that, you will receive a confirmation SMS stating if the transaction is successful or not. For your message and the transaction to be successful, make sure you have enough talk-time/SMS balance on your phone.

Note that the Dubai SMS parking service will deduct the parking fees based on the cost per hour of the parking zone you choose. Also, an SMS charge of AED 0.30 will be applied. To avoid this charge, you should use the inbuilt payment system in RTA’s Smart Application.

How to know which parking Zone you are

You can identify the parking Zone you are by locating the orange Paid Parking boards that are placed across the walkways. These boards have the Dubai parking codes of the area listed.

  • In Dubai Parking SMS Format For cars registered outside Dubai, you can use the following SMS Format for paid parking.
  • Dubai parking SMS format for Abu Dhabi license plates: AUH13 12345 335A 1
  • Dubai parking SMS format for Sharjah board: SHJ2 12345 335A 2
  • Dubai parking SMS format for Saudi license plates: KSA 123ABC 335A 4


That’s all to know about paying for parking space in Dubai. The good thing about this Mparking is that it also allows a motorist to extend their parking time. It sends reminders, 10 minutes before the ticket expires to renew the parking ticket. And the reminders also comes with instructions on how to extend the parking ticket.

To extend the parking ticket, all you need to do is to reply with “Y”. How to change the duration, you have to send a new SMS. Even if you have a motorcycle, you can also put a parking ticket by using this SMS Format B AUH14 00000 335A 1.

For more inquiries, please contact mParking in Dubai on 800-9090.

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