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How To Make Videos On iPhone?

Your iPhone must be your favorite companion for personal and official communication and many other features. You can also make impressive videos using your iPhone with invideo, which is one of the most preferred online video making tools.

Cleverly-produced videos of your products, services, or brand help you grab the attention of your target audience compared to lengthy write-ups. Again, you don’t require to download any heavy software to create eye-alluring videos.

Making Fantastic Videos on iPhone Swiftly:

Producing a video advertisement or a promo requires numerous resources. Yet, you can make the process of creating splendid videos simple, using the most effective and appreciated video maker tool online.

All you need to have is an iPhone, a reasonably strong internet connection, and the basic idea of what you would like to showcase through your video.  Follow our step-by-step guide to using to create incredible videos that serve as your brand’s voice on different channels.

The Steps to Make Exciting Videos on Your iPhone:

Following are the simple steps to create effective videos as per your requirements:

  • Sign-in in

To initiate the best video making tool online, you need to create an account on the online platform. Open the official website in your browser and click or tap on the ‘Sign-up’ button. The signup process is quite simple and may take a short while as you need to enter some information.

  • Choose the Desired Option to Make a Video: is quite versatile as it offers three basic options to create a video:

  • Select a ready-to-use template and edit it.
  • Convert your article into a video using different inbuilt themes.
  • Making a video from scratch.

The platform also allows you to use your video or a video template from an extensive library of royalty-free footage.

The templates offered on this platform are categorized according to the screen size of the targeted social channel. Again, you would find sector-specific video templates to suit your desired intent of the video.

  • Choose the Correct Video Dimension:

For effective video marketing, respecting the audience’s preferences is the key to success. So, choose your video dimension wisely to suit the actual need.

The videos making tool offers three video dimensions:

  • Wide-spread dimension (16:9): You can choose a wide (16:9) dimension to make your video suitable to view on a laptop or desktop. Again, to post your video on social channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, this wide dimension can be a sensible choice.
  • Vertical (9:16): To make your video mobile-friendly, you can choose the vertical dimension. Social channels like Instagram go well on handheld devices. If you wish to post your video on such platforms, a vertical dimension would be the best choice.
  • Square (1:1): You can also select a square dimension to keep the video’s width and height equal. This video dimension allows you to add another screen with some theme and text to let the audience know the video’s context and other details.
  • Choose the Most Appropriate Video Template:

The most significant benefit of making a video on your iPhone through InVideo is the availability of ready-to-use video templates in a wide range of variety. There are many categories of templates to choose from, based on your preferences like:

  • Intro/Outro videos
  • Real-estate marketing
  • Retail business
  • Travel & hospitality
  • Testimonials

These video templates are the best resources to make perfect videos for the desired to-the-point impact on your target audience. So, if you choose the correct template for your video, half the work is done.

  • Edit the Template to Enter Your Details:

As you select the suitable video as per your sector and the intent, it’s time to add your personalized touch to this video. You can edit the video to enter your logo in a suitable place. Then again, you can add the contact details of your business, website URL, email, and contact number as well.

  • Use Fascinating Effects to Enhance Your Video:

You can additionally improve the overall aesthetics and the feel of your video by adding various effects. Navigate to the ‘Advanced Editing’ screen, and there you can find different options like:

  • Suitable overlays for your video.
  • Blurring the video.
  • Shadow effect to the video.
  • Add background music.
  • Add a short story narration in the background.

These effects would make your video look truly professional.

  • Export and Download the Video on Your iPhone:

Once you complete the changes in your video, you can hit the ‘Export’ button in the editor. The video starts rendering, and as the process completes, the download button activates. You can download the video on your iPhone in high resolution.

If you wish to download a video you exported before, go to the ‘My Projects’ page and search for its title. Hover over the video, and you get the download button. By clicking on the ‘Download’ button, you can get the video in MP4 format on your iPhone.

  • All Set to Make the Most out of Your Video:

You can upload or post your video created through the online video making tool on the desired social channels. You can add text, headings, and tags to grab the attention of your audience. These fantastic videos help you get inquiries, orders, and you can keep your target audience updated in an intent-oriented manner.

The Takeaway:

InVideo sets you worry-free as you can create and post beautiful and professional-looking videos using your iPhone. You can take your digital marketing endeavors to the next level using this user-friendly online video making tool.

We believe that the steps explained here would help you in enhancing your skills and winning business. InVideo is quite easy-to-use on your iPhone. So, start your journey of marketing through catchy videos today!

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