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How to make free ringtones for Android & iPhone

If you’re bored with the ringtones preinstalled on your device (either Android or iOS), chances are you would want to download some ringtones online. When it comes to downloading ringtones online, you could either buy them or get them for free. The latter option is more popular and obviously easier, which is why everyone is seeking out ways to get ringtones for free.

For Android users, the process is very easy, as all you just need is to download the desired tone in MP3 format from a source; iOS has theirs different, as ringtones are saved in a special AAC format. They would have to download the tones unto a PC and then rename it before being able to use it on their iPhone.


make free ringtones

In this post, we would be highlighting some of the sources to check out when you wish to download free ringtones.


This is perhaps the most popular source of free ringtones as of right now. It is replete with tons of user-created ringtones. The only thing with the website is that there’s no organization of ringtones based on genre or any other classification, which means you would keep scrolling and scrolling until you find the one which suits you. Zedge has its app for Android and iOS users, which is better to use than the website since it has the ringtones organized and classified.

Notification Sounds

This is a unique website in that it offers free ringtones similar to the ones you would find preloaded on your device. They’ve got a wide and organized selection of ringtones to choose from, and let you easily download easily in either MP3 (for Android) or M4R (for iOS) formats, although iOS would have to use iTunes to transfer the downloaded ringtone to their iPhone.

One thing to take note for Notification Sounds is that majority of its ringtones are originally meant to be for notifications; this means that they are very short, and sometimes too short to be used for a ringtone. However, they still offer proper ringtones for calls, albeit a more limited selection.


Melofania is an awesome website that actually allows you to make your own ringtones. Asides from the fact that the website allows you to browse and download free music and ringtones from various artists, it also allows you to create your own customized ringtones from your uploaded music or from YouTube videos.

It is important to note that creating a ringtone from a popular song using Melofania might be a case of copyright infringement, therefore it is recommended that you make ringtones only from songs you legally have rights over.


This is a very popular website that allows you to download user-created ringtones; this, by extension, means you can also create and upload your own ringtones. The site is arranged into SMS ringtones, Top artists and Top genres and you can totally check them out.

You would have to create an account on Audiko before you can download ringtones from it, but once your account is set up, your downloaded ringtones are saved on your account and can be downloaded on either Android or iOS at any time you want it.

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