How to Install iOS 13.2 Beta 2, iPadOS 13.2 Beta 2 without Developer Account

With the new release of iOS 13, many people jump to the update without a second thought, however, it seems the update comes with some bugs, hence the release of iOS 13.2. Many folks want to get the latest update without wasting time. Below, we will be showing you how to update the iOS 13.1.2 beta without a developer account.

Install iOS 13.2 Beta 2


From the taste so far, it’s advisable you backup your data in case anything goes wrong. Furthermore, if you encounter any setback, you can always revert to iOS 12 using iTunes.

How to Download and Install iOS 13.2 Beta 2, iPadOS 13.2 Beta 2 without Developer Account

Follow the steps below to install the new iOS 13.2 Beta on your iPhone or iPadOS. We recommend you use the Safari browser on your device to install the iOS 13.2 Beta.

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Step 1: First of all, install the Beta profile. You can download it here.                            Step 2: Next tap on Download, and when prompted, tap Allow to download the file on your device.
Step 3: After the profile is downloaded, move over to the settings app.
Step 4: Now below the iCloud name, you’ll notice a new menu “Profile Downloaded”; tap on it. Then tap on install located at the top-right corner of the screen, and then enter your passcode when prompted
Step 5: Tap on the Install and tap Install again when prompted.
Step 6: After installing the profile, you should restart your iPhone. Tap on “Restart” at the prompt.
Step 7: Once your device restarts, go to Settings → General → Software Update.
Step 8: You’ll notice the iOS 13 update available. Simply tap Download and Install to get things started.

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This update will take a few minutes to complete depending on your internet connection and speed. Once the update is complete, you will be on the latest iOS 13.2. That’s all to know, we hope you find this article useful and also don’t forget to use the comments box if you have any questions.

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