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How to Insert / Remove Sim or SD Card from Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra / S21 Plus 5G

Samsung S21 Sim card slot? Samsung S21 Ultra SD Card slot? Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Sim card type? Samsung Galaxy S21 micro SD card capacity? Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra SD card size? Does Samsung S21 have an SD card slot? Samsung S21 Sim card tray?

To insert a new Sim card into your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone, make sure you power off your phone. Yes,. inserting a Sim card into your device when it’s not off may harm your phone. Follow the step below to insert a SIM card into your Samsung S21 Ultra.

galaxy-SIM card

Step 1: Make sure you power off your device.

Step 2: Then from the bottom left edge of the device (display facing up), just remove the card tray then do one of the following:

To Insert SIM Card:

Make sure the gold contacts are facing up, then press in on the card to lock into place.

To Remove SIM Card:

When the SIM tray is removed, lift the SIM card from the tray.

Samsung Galaxy S21 SIM Card Type

The Samsung S21 supports a Nano size SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy S21 micro SD card capacity

Well, the Samsung S21 does not support a micro SDCard. So you will have to manage the inbuilt memory on the phone.

How to USA Dual SIM Card on Samsung S21 Series

Well, the Samsung S21 series comes with a more compact dual SIM card tray. This tray has space for one nano-SIM card on the top, and another on the underside. 

Types of SIM card Tray on Samsung Device

Basically, there are three types of SIM card trays and they include the following:

  • Single SIM: 1 SIM card slot
  • Dual SIM: 2 SIM card slots
  • Hybrid SIM: 1 SIM card slot and a hybrid slot

A hybrid SIM card tray can take either a second SIM card or a microSD card for expandable memory. This gives you the flexibility to choose between a second SIM card or extra storage.

To check what type of SIM card tray on your Samsung device, remove the SIM card tray and have a look. Now if it says SIM2 it’s a dual SIM, if it says SIM2 \ microSD it’s a hybrid.

How to Activate / Enable Second SIM Cards

When both SIM cards are activated you can receive calls and messages on both cards.  However, you are not allowed to receive new calls on both SIMs at the same time. To switch SIM, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings, then tap Connections

Step 2: Tap SIM card manager

Step 3: Tap the SIM card that you would like to enable

Step 4: Tap the switch to activate the SIM card

Step 5: Tap Name, enter the name that you would like to give that SIM card, and tap done.

How to Switch Between SIM Card on Samsung S21 / S21 Ultra / S21 Plus 5G

Once you have enabled a dual SIM card on your device, you can easily switch between using the quick panel or through the settings menu.

Step 1: Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the quick panel

Step 2: Tap CallsText Messages, or Mobile data

Step 3: Tap the SIM card you would like to switch to

Switch SIM Cards Via Setting

Step 1: Open the Settings app, and tap Connections

Step 2: Tap SIM Card Manager

Step 3: Tap CallsText Messages, or Mobile data

Step 4: Tap the SIM card you would like to switch to.

About Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series are all premium smartphone from Samsung that comes with a nice body design and great specifications. The handset is also blessed with other goodies as well like an IP68 rating making them water and dust resistant. It features an impressive cameras setup and a fast and wireless charging battery.

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