How To Get Turkey Visa From Dubai

Turkey being a very popular non-distant and attractive tourist country has over the years upgraded to meet the taste of UAE residents in terms of religion, architecture, and an awesome lifestyle.

Getting a turkey visa from Dubai has for some time now being a hard nut to crack. Below, we give the complete guide to getting a turkey visa from Dubai.

 turkey visa from dubai

1. Obtaining An E-Appointment for Turkey Visa


Contact a Rayna Tours representative providing your name, address, employment details, etc. Rayna then obtains an appointment for you with the Turkish Consulate General, to file your Turkey Tourist Visa from UAE.

The Consul General will review your application than grant you an appointment after which you will have to undergo an interview. The endeavor you have all your documents ready to present to the authorities at the Turkish Consulate General office.

2. Turkey Visa Requirements for UAE Citizens

Your visa application form, duly filled in and signed. Ensure not to make mistakes,   overwrite, or strike out information to avoid rejection of your application form.

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Two passport-size photographs (5cm x 6cm) with one of these photographs attached to your Turkey Tourist Visa in Dubai application form.

Your original passport that is valid for 180 days before your estimated date of travel, and at least 6 months after your travel with not less than 2 blank pages for visa stamping.

Take with you Copies of your passport (first and last pages), your UAE residency visa, and original residence visa documents too.

Get a No Objection Certificate from your employer clearing you off of every objection to your travel at this time.

For a self-employed individual, type a cover letter on your personal business letterhead along with your complete authorized signatory, name designation, and company seal. Make sure you provide a copy of the original attested company registration certificate if the cover letter is on the business letterhead

Provide your company’s Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Partnership Deed, or any other proof of proprietorship if you are either involved in a sole proprietorship or partnership business.

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Submit a 3-month bank statement, endorsed and stamped by the bank with your bank account showing in an excess of AED 5000, as proof of funds for your travel. For unemployed persons and those who do not have bank accounts, submit your sponsor’s bank details for the past three months.

Get your salary certificate detailing every aspect of your pay structure, both per month and a total cost to the company per annum. Unemployed persons should submit their employer’s passport copy.

Copy of your travel itinerary, round trip travel tickets, and hotel reservations.

For trips organized by a travel agency,  enclose a letter from them, providing details of the trip.

Get an invitation letter from your Turkish host with a declaration stating that he or she will be responsible for all your costs during the trip.  This can be a company or an individual. The Consulate General will require this document so be sure to include it.

Make sure the letter includes the host’s name and address,  email Ids, phone number, and your host’s Turkish identification number.

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Get Travel insurance that covers medical and evacuation expenses, your daily allowance in case you’re admitted to the hospital, and your personal accidental death.

Your Rayna representative will duly review your gathered documents and ask you to bring additional ones if not complete. The Rayna representative will also coach you on how to provide the right answers to the questions that you’ll be asked at the Embassy.

Once these are submitted, it will take about 4-7 workdays for your Turkey visit visa to get approved. Your Rayna representative will keep you updated on the visa progress.

3. Turkey Visa Application Process from Dubai

Contact your Rayna Tours representative in Dubai.

On your appointment day, submit all your documents and clearly answer the questions asked.

Once your documents have been verified and accepted, you will be asked to pay your visa fee in cash which is around AED 330 since credit or debit card payments aren’t accepted.

The Consulate General will hand over a token which allows you to pick up your passport with the Turkish Visa stamp on the scheduled date. Note Rayna Tours can also help you pick up your passport courier it to any destination as per your requirement.

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