How to Get Rid of Memoji Stickers on iPhone and iPad

The new iOS 13 comes with exciting features both on the iPhone, the iPadOS and even on the messages areas. For example, the new Memoji allow you to edit to fit in whatever you want also the Memoji stickers as well.

The thing is that not everyone is a fan of Memoji stickers and they can’t wait to get rid of them at least to hide them from taking up space. The Memoji stickers are the personalized emojis of your face. Below we will be showing you how to get rid of them from your iPhone and iPad if you don’t want them.

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Memoji Stickers


How to Remove Memoji Stickers from your iPhone and iPads

Step 1: Open the ‘Messages’ app on the iPhone.
Step 2: Open any chat or draft a new message
Step 3: Now scroll through the App Drawer from the above keyboard and tap on three dots (…).
Step 4: Then tap on edit, from the top right corner.
Step 5: Tap on (-) Red icon and next, tap on Remove from Favourites to Delete Memoji stickers from the Favorites.
Step 6: Lastly, scroll down to the More Apps list and toggle off the Memoji Stickers and tap on Done.

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That’s all to know. Now you have successfully disabled the Memoji Stickers from your iPhone or iPad.

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