How To Get Periscope On PC

Periscope is a live video streaming app that’s on the mobile OS platforms (Android and iOS, that is). You can use it to stream and broadcast videos, sharing and receiving comments from social media friends. Twitter users would be conversant with Periscope, as it’s become a part of Twitter (it was acquired by Twitter in 2015), and is used for all the Twitter streams.

Periscope is a really nice live video streaming app, however, it is mobile-centric, meaning it’s to be used mainly on mobile devices. That doesn’t mean PC can’t share in all of that fun, and in this post, we shall be highlighting ways you can have Periscope working on your PC.

How To Get Periscope On PC

How To Get Periscope on PC

To have Periscope running on a PC is a bit more tedious than using it on a mobile, but it’s still nice to have Periscope run on your PC. There are requirements that have to be in place, before starting the process of installing Periscope on PC, and they include:

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• An Emulator Software (we recommend Bluestacks)
• An Application browser extension (we recommend Arc Welder App)

Once you have one of these two things, we can then proceed to download and installing Periscope on your PC.

Steps using an Emulator Software wasn’t originally designed for PCs, therefore, to have it run on a PC would require an emulator software, like Bluestacks. After installing Bluestacks itself, you then launch the application on the computer. You would be required to sign in using your Google account.

After signing in, all you then need to do is to search from the search bar, for Periscope. Choose the right app, and click install. Once the installation is complete, Periscope is ready to be used on your PC.

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Steps using a Browser extension

You can also use a browser extension to install Periscope on your PC. Unique extensions, like the Arc Welder app, are actually apps that work as an extension in your browser. You can then use it to download and run standard Android applications directly on your computer. This unique application is more suited for PCs running on the browser-based OS, like ChromeOS, as they may not support an emulator software.

To start, you’ll need to download Arc Welder app and add it to the Chrome browser, once this has successfully been done, you can now launch the Arc Welder from the Chrome Launcher.

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Launch the app, look for the search menu and then search for Periscope. Select the appropriate application and click on install. Upon successful installation, Periscope is then ready to be used on PC.

Some of the benefits of using Periscope on PC.

While Periscope was never made for PCs, there are a handful of benefits to be had when using Periscope on a PC. Like the fact that you have a wider screen to view when compared to a mobile device; video streaming would be a lot immersive with the bigger screen.

Also, using Periscope on PC allows you to multitask; you can check out the other features of the application while still broadcasting a live video.

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