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How to get a 5-digit text number for free

Having a personal phone number for various purposes has become increasingly crucial in today’s digital world. A 5-digit text number is an excellent alternative if you desire a different number for business or personal use. This blog post will go through how to get a free 5-text number.

How to get a 5-digit text number for free
How to get a 5-digit text number for free

What is a 5-text number?

A five-digit phone number is referred to as a “text number.” It is sometimes referred to as a “shortcode.” Businesses and organizations frequently use these numbers for marketing efforts and customer interaction. They are also popular for contests and polls on radio and television broadcasts.

How to Get a 5 Text Number for Free?

It is extremely simple to obtain a free 5 SMS number. However, you must follow the proper procedure to avoid any legal or ethical issues. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Choose a Short Code Provider

The first step in obtaining a 5-digit text number is selecting a short code provider. There are many providers available, but not all of them are trustworthy. Twilio, Plivo, and Zipwhip are other common suppliers. These providers have varying pricing plans and features, so make sure you select one that meets your requirements.

Step 2: Apply for a Short Code

After you’ve decided on a short code provider, you’ll need to apply for a short code. You must enter some basic information, such as your company name and contact information. You must also indicate how you intend to use the shortcode. It will take a few weeks for your application to be approved once you submit it.

Step 3: Configure Your Short Code

After your shortcode has been approved, you must configure it. This entails configuring keywords and messages that your customers can use to engage with your company. It must also integrate your short code with your existing marketing and consumer engagement platforms.

Step 4: Promote Your Short Code

The last step is to publicize your shortcode. This entails informing your customers and followers that they may reach you at your 5 SMS number. It can promote your shortcode on your website, social media, and other marketing platforms.

Comparison of Short Code Providers

We have produced a comparison table of some popular providers to assist you in selecting the proper shortcode provide:

Provider Pricing Features
Twilio Starts at $1,000/month Two-way messaging, SMS/MMS, Voice
Plivo Starts at $500/month SMS/MMS, Voice, IVR
Zipwhip Custom pricing SMS/MMS, Web texting, Two-way messaging

How to Get It for Free

You can try the following to boost your chances of acquiring a free or cheap shortcode:

  • Contact short code providers: Inquire with several shortcodes about any ongoing promos or discounts. You can also inquire about any free trials or other special incentives for new customers.
  • Use a Reseller: Some short-code providers provide reseller programs through which you can get reduced shortcodes. Resellers may also provide free or reduced short codes as part of their marketing initiatives.
  • Participate in Beta Programs: As part of their beta testing programs, some short code providers may offer free or cheap shortcodes. Participating in these programs allows you to help the provider test and develop their product in exchange for a free or cheap shortcode.
  • Look for Non-Profit Discounts: Some short-code providers may offer non-profit groups discounts or waived fees. Consider contacting short code providers to check if they provide any special savings if you run a non-profit organization.

Keep in mind that, while obtaining a free or discounted short code is possible, there may be ongoing fees associated with maintaining and using the short code. Depending on the provider and plan you select, these prices may include monthly or per-message charges. To avoid any unexpected expenses, thoroughly check the terms and conditions of any shortcode service before signing up.

Where Can You Obtain an SMS Short Code?

You will need to negotiate with a short code supplier to get an SMS shortcode. Companies who lease short codes from the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) and provide I know them as short code providers.

Here are some steps to getting an SMS shortcode:

  • Determine your needs: Before looking for a short code provider, you should first determine your requirements and goals for using a short code. Consider the size of your audience, the frequency with which you want to deliver communications, and the type of messages you want to send.
  • Choose a short code provider: There are numerous short code providers to choose from, each with unique features and pricing plans. Twilio, Plivo, Zipwhip, and Tatango are some of the most popular short code providers. Investigate various providers and evaluate their features, cost, and reputation.
  • Apply for a short code: Once you’ve decided on a short code provider, you must apply for a short code. The application process normally entails submitting information about your company or group, the short code’s intended usage, and your messaging volume. The shortcode supplier will then apply to the CSCA for approval.
  • Wait for approval: Before accepting your short code, the CSCA will assess your application and may seek additional information. Be patient as this process can take several weeks.
  • Set up your shortcode: Once they have approved your shortcode, your shortcode provider will assist you in configuring your messaging platform and setting up your account. You will need to define keywords and messages that will cause your shortcode to respond automatically.
  • Launch your campaign: Once your short code is configured, you can begin sending messages to your subscribers. To avoid any legal or ethical difficulties, make sure you follow the standards established by the CSCA and your short code supplier.

Working with a short code provider, applying for a short code, waiting for approval, setting up your account, and launching your campaign are all steps in obtaining an SMS short number. You can get an SMS short code for your business or group and start engaging with your audience more effectively by following these steps.

What is the price of an SMS short code?

The cost of an SMS short code varies depending on several factors, including the type of short code, the provider you select, and the number of messages you intend to send. The following are some of the charges you may incur while obtaining an SMS shortcode:

  • Shortcode lease fee: To lease a dedicated short code, the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) levies a one-time fee of $1,000. This cost covers the short code’s administration and activation.
  • Monthly fee: Shortcode providers may charge a monthly fee to lease a short code. Depending on the supplier and the sort of shortcode you select, this charge might range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars every month. A vanity short code that spells out a word or phrase, for example, maybe more expensive than a random short code.
  • Per-message fee: Shortcode providers may charge a fee for each message sent or received via the shortcode. Depending on the provider and the volume of texts you intend to send, this price can range from a few cents to several cents for each message.
  • Setup and configuration fees: Some short code providers may charge a one-time cost for setup and configuration fees to help you set up your account and messaging platform.

It is crucial to note that these prices are only estimates and might vary depending on your individual requirements and the service you select. Some providers may provide discounts or bundled pricing to high-volume users, while others may demand additional costs for more features or services.

You should investigate several providers, compare their pricing schemes, and get a quote based on your individual needs to receive an accurate idea of the cost of an SMS shortcode. Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions and ask for clarification on any fees or charges that you don’t understand.

Can I send messages Once I Have an SMS Short Code?

After obtaining an SMS short number, you must establish your messaging platform, keywords, and messages before you can begin sending messages. Working with your short code supplier to design a campaign and define the content of your messages is often part of this process.

Before you send messages, make certain that you are adhering to the rules and regulations established by the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) and the wireless carriers that support shortcodes. Here are some prerequisites you must meet before you can begin sending messages:

  • Obtain consent: Before sending messages to your subscribers, you must obtain their permission. This consent can be collected via an opt-in process in which consumers text a keyword to your short code in order to join your messaging service.
  • Provide simple opt-out instructions: You must provide simple directions for opting out of your messaging campaign. This can be accomplished by implementing a keyword, such as “STOP,” that subscribers can text to your short code to unsubscribe.
  • Respect messaging frequency restrictions: You must respect messaging frequency limits established by the CSCA and telecom providers. Depending on the type of shortcode and the carrier, these limits often range from one to five messages per week.
  • Respect content limits: You must respect the content restrictions imposed by the CSCA and wireless carriers. Typically, these restrictions prohibit messages that are spammy, fraudulent, or inappropriate.
  • Comply with privacy and data protection laws: You must follow privacy and data protection rules, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These laws govern personal information collection, storage, and usage.

It is critical to adhere to these rules in order to prevent any legal or ethical difficulties when sending communications with your shortcode. Your short code provider can assist you in navigating these requirements and ensuring that your messaging program adheres to all regulations.


It is feasible to obtain a 5 SMS number for free, but it takes some effort and patience. You must select a trustworthy short code supplier, apply for a short code, configure it, and advertise it. You can get a 5-text number for your business or personal usage by following these steps and engaging with your customers or followers more successfully.

Remember to select a short code provider that provides the services and pricing that best meet your requirements. Twilio, Plivo, and Zipwhip are some of the market’s most popular suppliers, but there are many more to select from.

Using a 5-digit SMS number for marketing campaigns and customer involvement is an excellent approach to raising brand awareness and engaging with your target demographic. To avoid any legal or ethical difficulties, make sure you follow the standards established by the FCC and your short code supplier.

To summarize, a 5-text number is a great tool for organizations and individuals that wish to better communicate with their consumers and followers. You may get a 5-text number for free by following the steps explained in this blog post and begin reaping the benefits of this powerful communication tool.

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