How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S20 Can’t Make or Receive Calls

Samsung S20 not receiving calls? Samsung S20 can’t answer incoming calls? why won’t my Samsung phone let me answer calls? Samsung S20 Can’t make calls.

There is a possible reason why your Samsung S20 cant makes calls or receive phone calls. If you are having this problem on your device, below is the working solution to fix it. Without wasting your time, below is how to fix cant receive calls on Samsung S20.

Connection Error

The connection error is likely the reason why you are not able to receive calls on your device. So if your Samsung S20 is not receiving calls when someone calls you, this is how to fix it.

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Solution 1: Restart Your Phone

Step 1: Restart your phone, press, and hold on power on/off button.

Step 2: Now simultaneously press and hold the Volume down key and keep press until your phone restart.
After that, you should try calling your device with another phone and see if the problem will be resolved.

Solution 2: Divert of all calls is turned on

If calls divert is turned on, you can’t receive any calls on your Samsung A20. In this situation, we have to turn off the call divert option.

Step 1: Go to the app drawer and press the phone icon to open.

Step 2: On the Voice call, tap on the menu icon(three dots at the top right hand of your screen).

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Step 3: Tap on the Setting options.

Step 4: Scroll down and select the Supplementary Service option.

Step 5: Now select the Call Forwarding option.

Step 6: Select Voice call.

Step 7: You have a different option. Select divert type here(eg Always forward).

Step 8: Tap on Disable.

Step 9: Done. You can now go back to the home screen and try making the call again.

Solution 3: Turn of Barring Calls

If the barring of incoming calls is turned on, you cant still receive calls on your device. Just like the solution above, we have to turn this option off as well.

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Step 1: On your app drawer, tap on the phone icon to open.

Step 2: Click on the menu icon (three dots at the top right hand of your screen).

Step 3: Select the Settings option.

Step 4: Next select the Supplementary Service.

Step 5: Now choose to call barring.

Step 6: Select Voice call.

Step 7: Now check and turn off any barring type that is on.

Step 8: Here enter your barring password and press OK. (Default is 0000)

Step 9: Done. You can now go back to the home screen.

That is all. We believed you can now make phone calls and receive calls as well on your Samsung S20 smartphone.


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