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How To Fix iOS Facebook Login error code 2, 1 on iPhone

As an iOS user,  have you ever tried logging in to your Facebook account just to access vital information sent by a dear friend and to your greatest surprise, instead of logging in, as usual, an “Error code 2 or code 1” displays on the screen, when such situation arises no doubt many thought will be going through your head, such as, what’s the meaning of “error code”? Does it mean I have been ban from using Facebook? What’s the cause of this issue? Will there be a remedy to it?

Don’t panic much, this issue you are experiencing has been experienced by thousands of people around the world, so if there is a remedy to their problem it simply means there will be a remedy to the issue you are just facing, so in this article, we will elucidate more on how to fix this error in signing In to your Facebook account.


So I will advise you to follow the troubleshooting steps that will be outlined in this article, read in between the lines, don’t miss any step then see how your anger will be turned to joy.

Before we lay more emphasis on those fixes, you have to have in mind that sometimes when you receive a message like “Error code 2” when trying to access your Facebook, it could be that it could not communicate with the server.

So sometimes you experience an error in signing in when a Facebook server is down. So below are some of the possible errors that might surface when the Facebook server is down.

facebook error in signing

Error Messages When Facebook-Server Are Down

When a Facebook server is down you will see error messages like:

  • Sorry, something went wrong.
  • Account Temporarily Unavailable
  • Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Error code: 2
  • Login Failed. Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Error code: 1 (FBAPIErrorDomain)
  • This media could not be played
  • An unknown network error has occurred
  • Cannot communicate with the server
  • Facebook is down for required maintenance right now.
  • Facebook will be back soon.

If peradventure, you experience any of this error, the troubleshooting steps below will help you immensely to put a stop to this threatening issue.

Tips On How To Fix iOS Facebook: “Error Code 2”

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to check if the Facebook server is down.

Step 2:  Instead of using Wi-Fi try using mobile data

Step 3:  You have to use a browser to verify your credentials like your user ID and password instead of the app,  especially if you made any recent changes in your profile.

Step 4:  I suggest you delete the Facebook app and reinstall it again.

Step 5: If there is any anti-virus/ malware software, you have to disable it.

Step 6: Don’t forget to set you iDevice’s Date & Time to Set Automatically

Step 7: Try Resetting your network settings.

Step 8: Not only resting your device location do it alongside with privacy data

I am pretty sure that if you follow these above troubleshooting steps. You will put a stop to such issues. But there are certain things you have to bear in mind especially when noticing this error signing in issues.


Have in mind the Facebook-owned a few other social media networks including messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. So if peradventure you are experiencing this error signing in to Facebook, you might also see reports of trouble accessing these photo sharing and messaging services as well.

If you changed, your email or password during the process of updating the app. Have in mind that the new app does not recognize to new password or email. So no doubt you must see this error message “error code 2” so at this point,  the best thing you have to do is to change Facebook back to the old password after you deleted the Facebook app from your iDevice and then reinstall the app.

If you carefully adhere to this instruction above am pretty sure that it will work for you but if it didn’t. Make use of the guidelines below.

Kindly make sure your Facebook credentials are correct.  Your Facebook username and password, to check if it is correct, go to chrome or any other browser and sign in to Facebook to ensure that your Facebook credentials are correct  if it is not correct, try retrieving your Facebook ID or password

In case you have no trouble logging on to Facebook through the chrome or any other browser you used, the next thing to do after that is to try closing your Facebook app and restart it again.

To do this,  All you have to do is to double press your home button and. and swipe upwards on the Facebook thumbnail. Then reopen your Facebook and try again.

Check Facebook-Server Status

At this point,  all you have to do is to check if the problem is with Facebook itself. Are you aware that both Facebook and Instagram occasionally suffer a localized and widespread outage, so I will advise you to check this first before you lavish your time and energy troubleshooting?

Once you see an error message Like Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can,” check and see if FB’s servers are down. To do this:

Head to sites like DownDetector and see if there are similar reports by other users. So if you realized that other users report the problem, then have in mind that your issue is most likely an internet service or switch related issues to required Facebook to fix such site include a Live Outage Map to give you an idea of where the problems are occurring in real-time.

I will also suggest you check Twitter. You know why?  Facebook site outages are often reported by FB users on Twitter. Check the hashtags for “Facebook down” and “Instagram down”

Not only that, check your news feed for any information’s about outages because Large Facebook problems are usually reported on most news sites–just type in Facebook and review those results.


In case you tried all his troubleshooting steps and it didn’t work out, we will advise you to submit your feedback to Facebook to report a problem site when doing this, including a vivid description of the problem and a screenshot of the problem if possible.

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