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How to fix dropped calls on iOS 15

Are you experiencing call dropping after hopping on to iOS 15? Well, it seems you’re not alone on this, but the more important is to fix it. So, in this post, you’d be put through the process of fixing a call dropping on your iPhone after you had updated it to iOS 15.
How to Fix iPhone Dropping Calls in iOS 13

Try the Basics

To troubleshoot call dropping, you would need to try out some of the basic workarounds. These include turning on the airplane mode and turning off again. And if that’s not working, you simply turn off the iPhone and turning it back on.

You could also try removing your SIM and putting it back again: this is not likely to do anything, but it’s still worth trying.

The more advanced workarounds

If the basic workarounds you’ve tried didn’t fix the call dropping your experience, then it’s time to try out more advanced workarounds. These include trying out the Wi-Fi calling feature. Try receiving and making calls on Wi-Fi; this is to see if the bug affects only cellular connections.

You can also try resetting network settings: this is particularly recommended as it has a high likelihood of fixing cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems. Go to Settings, then General and Reset. Tap on the Reset Network Settings.
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The Last Resort

If all else fails, then it’s time to take the last resort: Call your Network provider. You might need to talk to them about the status of your account; whether it is active.

You might also ask them if there has been an outage of their service in your area. If that information checks out, you may now ask them to reset your cellular connectivity from their end. If things get too bad, they might need to send you a new SIM card.

However, bear in mind that it is not uncommon to have bugs such as call dropping after a major update on the iPhone, and soon afterward, there is the following update that looks to fix the bug.

So, it is generally advised that you have your iPhone updated to the latest version.
It is only when the issue persists even after the update that you can then begin to find workarounds.

Call dropping on iPhone FAQs

Q: Why do my calls keep dropping on iOS 13?
A: That’s because there’s a bug on that version of iOS 13, and a fix would be out for it. In the meantime, consider the steps discussed above.

Q: Can you receive calls while updating iPhone?
A: At the point where the update is being downloaded, you can still receive phone calls. once the reboot process has been initiated, you can’t.

Q: How do I fix calls hanging up on my iPhone?
A: According to the post above, you could do some simple reset or clear network settings.

Q: Can I fix calls hanging on my iPhone?
A: Yes, you can, but in extreme cases, you might need the help of your carrier.

Q: Can I make calls over Wi-Fi on my iPhone?
A: Yes, you can, and if you’re having the call dropping issue on your iPhone, you can use Wi-Fi calling as a way to troubleshoot.

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