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How to Fake your Location on Snapchat in 2023

Almost all social media platforms now track your location, with or without your permission. To keep your privacy, you may want to stop them by changing your location. You might be wondering, “How to Fake Location on Snapchat?” in light of this, we’ll look at how to keep using your favorite social media app without revealing your location.

Also, Snapchat awards various badges and exciting filters based on your location. It can be inconvenient when the filters you want to use are no longer available due to a change in your location. But don’t worry; after reading this article, you’ll be able to spoof Snapchat by impersonating a location and easily access your favorite filters.

snapchat loacation

What Is the Purpose of Snapchat’s Use of Your Location Services?

Snapchat is a social media platform that uses your location to provide SnapMap features to you. Snapchat first introduced this feature in 2017. Are you familiar with Snapchat’s new feature? If you want to see this, you can turn on the SnapMap feature in the app. This feature displays a list of different filters and badges based on your location.

After enabling the SnapMap feature, you will be able to see your friends’ locations on the Map while also sharing your location with your friends. Your Bitmoji will also be dynamically updated based on your location. After closing this app, your Bitmoji will remain unchanged and will be displayed based on your last known location.

How to Fake or Change Your Snapchat Location

Reasons to Spoof or Hide Your Location on Snapchat There are a variety of reasons to hide or fake your location on Snapchat. It is up to you to choose the best option for you. Some of the reasons, in my opinion, are listed below.

  • You may have noticed some of your favorite celebrities using various filters, and you may have wished to use them on your photos. However, that filter is not available in your area. However, you can easily fake your location and obtain those filters.
  • If you want to prank your friends, you can change your location to a foreign country or pretend to check into a high-end hotel.
  • You want to impress your friends by showing them these cool Snapchat spoofing tricks.
  • You want to conceal your location from your partner or parents so that you can do whatever you want without being interrupted.
  • If you want to surprise your friends or family by showing your previous location while traveling, you can do so.

Option1: How to Hide Your Snapchat Location

Here are some simple steps you can take within the Snapchat app to hide your location.

  • To begin, open your Snapchat app and navigate to your profile section.
  • Look for the settings option in the top right corner of the screen and click on it.
  • Locate and open the ‘See My Location’ option under Settings.
  • Enable your system’s Ghost Mode. A new window will appear, prompting you to choose one of three options. 3 hours (Ghost mode will be active for 3 hours only), 24 hours (Ghost mode will be active all day), and Until turned off (Ghost mode will be enabled unless you do not turn it off).
  • Choose one of the three options provided. Your location will be hidden until you enable Ghost Mode, and no one will be able to find you on SnapMap.

Option 2: Impersonate your Snapchat location on your iPhone

Fake Your Location Using Dr.Fone

With the help of Dr.Fone, you can easily change your Snapchat location. It is a tool for creating virtual locations. This application is extremely simple to use. To fake your location on Snapchat, follow the steps below exactly.

  • First, go to Dr.official Fone’s website and download and install the app on your device.
  • After the installation is complete, launch the app and connect your phone to the PC.
  • When the Wondershare Dr.Fone window appears, select Virtual Location.
  • The screen should now show your current location. If it isn’t, click the Center On icon to re-center your current location.
  • It will now prompt you to enter your fictitious location. When you’ve entered the address, press the Go button.
  • Finally, click the Move here button to change your location.

Fake Your Location Using Xcode

Using third-party apps to spoof location on iPhone is not as simple as it appears. However, you can fake your location without jailbreaking your iPhone by following the instructions we provide.

  • To begin, download and install Xcode from the AppStore on your Macbook.
  • When you launch the app, the main page will appear. Click the Next button after selecting the Single View Application option.
  • Now, give your project a name, whatever you want, and click the Next button once more.
  • A screen will appear with the message – Please tell me who you are – and some commands related to Github that you must execute.
  • Now, launch the Terminal application on your Mac and execute the following commands:

git config –global “[email protected].”

git config –global user. name “your name.”

Connect your iPhone to your computer now (Mac).

  • Once that is completed, select the build device option and keep the device unlocked while doing so.
  • Finally, Xcode will perform some tasks, so please wait until the process is finished.
  • You can now move your Bitmoji to wherever you want. Simply select the Debug option, then Simulate Location, and then select your preferred location.

Option3: Modify Android’s Current Location

This method is only applicable to Android phones. There are numerous third-party apps available on the Google Play Store to fake your location, but in this guide, we will use the Fake GPS app. Simply follow the instructions, and changing your current location will be a piece of cake:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and look for the Fake GPS Free app. Install the app on your device after downloading it. You can save time and copy this URL to your browser to Download:
  • Launch the app and grant the required permissions. It will prompt you to enable the developer mode.
  • Select Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number from the drop-down menu. To enable developer mode, keep clicking on the build number a total of seven times.
  • Return to the application and select the Fake GPS option from the developer options to allow Mock Locations.
  • Once you’ve completed the steps above, open the app and go to the search bar.
  • Next, type your desired location and press the Play button on the right-hand bottom of your screen.
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