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How to Easily Add Blank Icons to Your iPhone Home Screen

Google has already been filtered with many questions concerning the Black icons on the new iOS 15. Well, it’s one of the best things to do especially if you don’t like the way your screen home screen is filtered with a mass of application icons.

This has always been the way of the iPhone for ages now. Adding a Black icon on your iPhone is a little tricky and if you are wondering how to do that. Below we got you covered.

Doing that will require that you switch using a plain black home screen wallpaper only one the home screen though. This might sound dull, however, if you have an iPhone that runs on AMOLED screen, this black background screen will give your device a new stunning look.

Blank icon on iOS 13

How to Add Blank Icons on iPhone Home Screen

Step 1: Open the link and then tap on the ‘Share’ icon in the middle of your iPhone’s Safari toolbar:
Step 2: Now swipe up until you see ‘Add to Home Screen’ and tap it.
Step 3: You should see the black icon shape and a blank ‘name’ in the top field. Just tap on ‘Add’ at the top right of the screen:
Step 4: Finally, at the end of your real app icon on your home screen, you should have a new ‘invisible’ entry. Now long press on any of your icons and tap on ‘Rearrange Apps’ to set things jiggling and see the blank icon for real.
Step 5: Then drag the app icon to where you desired it to be on your home screen and then tap on Done.

That’s all if you want to get as many Black icons as you want, Switch back to Safari and use ‘Add to Home Screen’ as many as you want.

If you are still a novice, this might sound tricky, I wouldn’t recommend it for you though. However, if you are a tech geek, you should give it a try and see for yourself how your new iPhone home screen will look with the new black icon screen. Use the comments box if you are finding it difficult to get.