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How to Delete Shein Account in 2023

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to delete your Shein account? You’ve arrived at the right place. In this post, I’ll explain the process of deleting your Shein account point by point. Shein is well-known for having a bunch of small clothing companies and a large number of active users across the globe.

The company’s prominence stems from a young fandom drawn to its low-cost clothing, which is available online via its app or official site. There have been numerous rumors about Shein in which account data, such as account details, has possibly been leaked.

SHEIN account

Where did Shein’s clothes come from?

Shein is a Hong Kong-based clothing company that was founded in 2008. It sells a variety of items, including shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Is Shein Banned in Some Country?

In a targeted move, India banned 59 Chinese-based applications, including Shein, SHAREit, TikTok, and others. Many on social media and other public platforms have applauded the decision to ban Chinese applications, citing concerns about data security and privacy protection for Indian citizens.

Why is it taking so long for my Shein order to arrive?

Shein is a Chinese clothing and accessories producer. Orders can often take up to three weeks to process and ship.

How to Delete Shein Account 2022

Shein does not provide an easy way to delete your accounts. Neither the mobile app nor the official website allows you to permanently delete your account but don’t worry, I’ve provided you with some simple ways to delete your Shein account on Android, iPhone, or computer by following this tutorial below on how to delete Shein account.

  1. Send an email to [email protected] from the email address you used to set up your Shein account.
  2. Use the subject: Delete my Shein account as the subject of your email.
  3. Indicate in your email that you want your account and any private details you have on file deleted from their system.
  4. Also include details associated with the account in your messages, such as your real name, shipping address, and the email address to which your account is linked.

If you can’t access the email address you used to set up your Shein account, you’ll need to contact Shein customer care. To achieve this, you must:

  1. Go to the bottom of the website and click the Contact Us link. Tap the Me link in the app.
  2. You’ll see “Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?” and a small link to Customer Service below the Help icons. That link can be tapped or clicked on.
  3. You will be prompted to create a Shein account. Ignore this and continue by tapping or clicking “Continue without signing in.”
  4. This help option will notify you that it “cannot handle the problems of existing orders.” Because you are not attempting to modify an existing order, tap or click “Confirm” to continue.
  5. You may have to ignore a shipping speed alert.
  6. Finally, you have the option of connecting to a Live Chat session and requesting that your account be deleted.

Because Shein does not have a formal method for deleting your account, you must wait for their reply and affirmation that your private details have been deleted.

Before you delete your Shein account, make sure you remove your credit card details. You must do so because it may save your information. Take the following steps:

  1. Click on the cogwheel feature on the upper right side to access the settings.
  2. If you have issued any of your credit card details, go to My payment options and delete them.

Mail Sample To Shein Requesting For Account Deletion.

e-mail: [email protected]

Subject: I’d like to request that my Shein account be deleted.

Greetings, Shein.

I no longer have use for my Shein account, so please delete it. ( provide the details of your email address and username.)


[Insert your name]

How to Delete Shein Account link to your Facebook.

You can delete your Shein account if you signed in with your Facebook account by following the steps below.

  1. Please sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  3. Select Apps and Websites.
  4. Choose the website or app to be deleted.
  5. Click the Remove button.

What is the procedure for unsubscribing from Shein?

You can reach their support team or simply tap the unsubscribe link in one of their emails.

How do I permanently delete my Shein account?

The one and the only way to completely delete your account is to send an email to their customer service team at [email protected] and asked that they delete your account, or you can call them at their customer support number. On, you can easily find their contact details.

How can I request a refund from Shein?

Log in to your Shein account, then go to My Orders, then Return Item, and afterward print the return label and tape it to the outside of your return package.

Is it possible to cancel a Shein return?

You have 40 days from the day the item was delivered to return it or cancel it.

How long does it take for Shein orders to be completed?

Shein provides a free delivery service for orders starting at $49.00 or more, so the order might arrive within 2-7 business days.

Does Shein Delete My Account After my Mail?

It is possible that Shein will not delete the account despite users’ requests via email. In such cases, visit Shein’s customer service page and chat with the company’s customer service. From the chat screen, users can request account closure and have their complaints recorded as a ticket. Users will later receive an email informing them that the ticket has been resolved and their account has been deactivated.

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