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How to Connect Android Phone to Tv With USB Cable Or Wireless

Connecting your Android to Tv will not only give you a widescreen view to watch your favorite shows and movies, but it’s another great way to enjoy other multimedia. Many folks have been searching for an easy way to connect their Android to their smart TV.

The good news is that it’s easy to do and without been techy, you can still do it on your own. Read on as we will be showing you the best and easy way to connect your Android phone to your TV.


2 Google Chromecast

Perhaps the maximum obvious technique is via the general Google Chromecast Ultra. This is basically a tool for streaming media or your phone display— straight to the TV.

Chromecast has an HDMI connector and also a USB control cable most television has a USB port which provides sufficient energy which you can use to power your device. Once it’s paired with your Android device, it will be ready to use.

All you have to do is make use the Cast facility in Android’s move down to the Quick Settings menu, or you can find the icon in your favorite/ preferred apps. For instance, the mobile Chrome app has a Cast option. For full detail on setting up the Chromecast and also streaming the content to your TV or reflecting your games.

2. Mirror Your Screen With an Amazon Fire Stick

And Another way which you can wirelessly mirror your Android phone display is making use of an Amazon Fire Stick. Ideas here are very similar to the Chromecast. you will link the two devices together and then “cast” the home screen to your TV.

And you’ll then be able to view your content, apps, games, and any running media which is on your TV. Amazon Fire TV Stick is an Amazon best venders, and far more supple media midpoint option than the Google Chromecast Ultra.

3. Miracast Dongle

The Miracast is a wireless HDMI system, built into many modern TVs. And even if your TV does not come with a Miracast, you will find that your Blu-ray player or the media center does. Deteriorating that, you can as well connect a cheap Miracast dongle to your TV’s HDMI port.

In other to connect to a Miracast device with your device running Android 6.0 or a newer, open Settings = Device connection = Screen mirroring and follow the steps there. For the older devices, you need to make use of the Settings =Display = Cast Screen, then open the menu, and check to Enable wireless display.

In the previous years, it supports has enhanced for the USB to HDMI. For this, you will need to have a converter to convert the signals from the USB connector, usually micro-USB, or probably a USB Type-C connector to the HDMI cable and then displays the output on your selected TV or the monitor. You can also buy an appropriate USB to HDMI converter on Amazon.

The compatibility for converters varies across the devices. the Samsung phones and also tablets work with them, though some HTC and Motorola phones, but the others may not.

Don’t simply go out to buy a generic adapter. Instead of that, search the Google for a “USB HDMI adapter for Your Device” and then see what comes out. Always the first up result is going to take you to an Amazon page for the piece of apparatus you need.

The two types that are available:

  • MHL: it stands for a Mobile High Description Link and offers an HD video and eight-channel enclose sound. It was defunded in 2010 and currently offers the super MHL specification. Which devices are obtainable with both the micro-USB and the USB Type-C.
  • Slimport: Has a low power requirement, meaning you can attach your phone to your TV without draining your battery. Except you’re frolicking a game with heavy graphics requirements.

Note that most AV adapter kinds are available. If you don’t have an HDMI TV available, you might opt for a VGA-compatible Slim port cable instead.

4. Connecting Your Phone as a Storage Device

This is another way which you can connect your Android device to your TV is a USB storage device. this is no good for a screen sharing, it will, however, let you view your photos and video on your personal TV.

The reason why you can’t stream video from your favorites sports app to your TV, you’ll still be able to share your holiday videos.

5. Stream to Your TV Over Your Network with the  DLNA

Most devices, from the TVs and the Blu-ray players to set the top boxes and comforts, and support Digital Living Network Alliance DLNA instructions. This means that with your right app installed on your Android phone, you can stream a media straight to your TV.

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