How to Close Bank of America Account

Looking for an easy way to close your Bank of America account? The good news is that you can close your Bank of America account. I also understand the some want to close their Bank from overseas. Sorry to say, but closing your Bank account is not something you can easily do online.

The Bank of America states that an individual needs to write and submit a request in writing for the account closure. This means you cant just work into any of the Bank branches and request for your account closure.

This may sound a little bit stressful writing a letter and then waiting for approval before your account will be close. Well, for now, we have nothing to say concerning this and can’t really tell if they can make it possible for a person to close an account without been physically present.

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How to Close Bank of America Account

To close your Bank of America Account, you will have to write a letter with a signature and then send it to the following address.

Account Closure, FL1-300-02-07
4109 Gandy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33611-3401

You can also verify the process of closing your account by contacting Bank of America through the line at 800.432.1000.

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