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How to Clear Cache & Wipe Partition on Samsung Galaxy M10 / M11 / M12

How to clear cache on Samsung M10, Wipe cache partition on Samsung M11, clear cache on Galaxy M12.

In this article, we will be showing you how to clear the cache on Samsung Galaxy M10, Galaxy M11, and Samsung M12.

Samsung M11



Samsung Galaxy M10 / Galaxy M11, Samsung M12 – Clear App Cache

Step 1: Go to the App screen and select Settings App.
Step 2: Now go to Settings > Apps.
Step 3: Look and select the App you want to clear the cache.
Step 4: Then tap the Filter and sort icon sort_filter_icon
Step 5: Tap the Show system apps switch to turn on.
Step 6: Tap Ok.
Step 7: Tap Storage.
Step 8: Tap Clear cache.

Samsung Galaxy M10 / Galaxy M11 / Samsung M12  – Wipe Cache Partition

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung device.

Step 2: Then press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby / Power key.

Step 3: Release both buttons when the logo display.

Step 4: An ‘Installing system update’ message may show up before the Android Recovery menu options appear.

Step 5: Press the Volume down key several times to choose Wipe cache partition.

Step 6: Press Bixby / Power key to select.

Step 7: Then press the Volume down key to select Yes and press the Bixby / Power key to select.

Step 8: After the process, a Reboot system now will be selected.

Step 9: Press the Bixby / Power key to restart your phone.

About Samsung Galaxy M12

The Samsung Galaxy M12 is a budget device that is powered by Exynos 850 chipset and runs on Android 11 OS. The device has an average inbuilt memory and also has a large battery of 6000 mAh. It has a 48 MP quad cameras setup and 4G LTE network plus a nice body design.