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How to Choose Between NetSuite OpenAir vs Aha Software?

If you are on the lookout for a CRM solution then you might find yourself confused between several options. There are various options available based on the type of business and the complexity of required features. We have a comparison of NetSuite OpenAir vs Aha software to help readers make an informed decision. This article covers the complete list of features, vendor profiles, pros and cons from user reviews to help form an opinion.

NetSuite OpenAir vs Aha Software – Features


Whenever you are looking at business solution it is important to take a good look at the features it offers. The tool should have enough functionality to support the existing work environment. Good software makes sure all the processes and workflows are proceeding according to plan. There are some basic CRM features that every organization needs and they include proper dashboards, customer database, self-service portals, email marketing, support tracking, and campaign management.

NetSuite and Aha software both provide access to project collaboration, document management and other functions that make it easier to handle daily operations.

NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite is a complete CRM tool with cloud computing and integration options that make it easier to manage all client relationships. It provides a complete 360-degree view of the internal processes and helps businesses communicate with partners, vendors, prospects, and customers. It is an all-in-one solution that includes several automation and management features.

NetSuite OpenAir demo introduces real-time visibility to the sales process and makes sure every aspect of the relationship such as inventory, support, and contracts is accounted for. Businesses can maintain their communication and make sure they are maintaining complete control over all campaigns and marketing initiatives. There is also an automation tool that can build campaigns from scratch that target specific segments of the audience.

The software can track and measure the outcome of all campaigns and they can easily track the activity through all stages of the sales cycle. The customer service management tool can help create and automate case-by-case processes and customers can submit them online, review the status, and follow-up on any communication. OpenAir also has built-in reporting tools with templates that can perform quick analysis and help the team monitor performances. They can keep track of any metric, personalized goal, and client satisfaction rates.


  • NetSuite CRM has several robust features that can meet complex business needs and provide support for all processes.
  • It is a customizable platform that can be easily accessed from anywhere because of the web-based interface.
  • The reporting features are highly reliable and can work with the sales tracking module to provide quick support.


  • There are occasional issues with the performance and some unresolved bugs can make the system crash.
  • The software is not suitable for a small business because of the comprehensive list of features.
  • NetSuite OpenAir demo uses a text-based interface that lacks the sophistication of other applications.

Aha Software

When comparing NetSuite OpenAir vs Aha software it is important to discuss the features of both platforms at length. Aha! is a project management solution that is designed to help businesses of all sizes. It provides access to many features and includes analytic options that help users view the status, build priorities with the help of chart, and monitor all other features. It has a note feature which is built like a wiki and helps users build a collaborative knowledge base.

The users can use the boards to describe customer profiles and map out their journeys. The release tools make it easier for users to launch every product and track the date, dependency, collaboration options, and cross-functionality of teams. The product is developed by an international company and securely deployed on the cloud.

The users can define goals or objectives for their project with the many features. They can also list all the primary tasks, define user roles for all members involved and assign specific workflows to them. Whether it is receiving new ideas, sending suggestions to the in-house team, or communicating with the client, Aha demo does it all. The platform also provides access to communication tools which are very useful when it comes to sharing updates.

The comprehensive analytics options, custom reports, feedback, and comments are developed for software developers and IT firms. However, the software can also be used by other industries.


  • Aha provides a lot of functionality to teams and gives them the tools they need to look after clients.
  • It can organize all the information from data, files, and threads in one single platform.
  • They are known for their exceptional customer service


  • It is difficult to set up new processes on the Aha demo
  • There is limited support for software integration and connecting another platform can be complicated.

NetSuite OpenAir vs Aha Software – Pricing

It is not enough to compare the monthly rates for both platforms and to get an accurate picture, users need to look at the total cost of ownership. This includes subscription fees, software license, software training, hardware, and support costs. When we add the hidden fee to the price advertised by the vendor, the final number might be completely different.

NetSuite plans start at $129 per month and this makes it slightly more expensive than the average cost of ownership. Aha! has a basic pricing plan that starts at $39 per user per month and it is slightly lower than the average cost. In comparison, NetSuite is the more expensive CRM solution.


When comparing NetSuite OpenAir vs Aha software, it is important to consider the target audience for both platforms. CRM solutions are generally meant for all types of businesses but a platform like Aha can be used by individuals or organizations engaging in small to medium-sized operations. It is for those firms that have 100 to 1,000 employees and solely rely on IT firms.

NetSuite is much better for a larger organization with a bigger budget. Although it is more expensive, it is rated more highly by users. The software offers more complex features and for those who can afford it, can be the complete package.

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