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How To Check If I Have Any Police Case In Dubai/UAE Online

Police Case & Bounced cheque in Dubai: Gone are the days when one can not ascertain if he or she has any criminal cases registered both in Dubai and UAE at large. Currently, we are in a civilized world and the world itself is turning to a global village were two-third of everything we are doing now is based online.

In that regard, this article will centralize on how to check if one has any police case in UAE and Dubai online. Before we lay more emphasis on that let us deliberate a bit on How to fill a criminal complaint about bounced cheque online

Bounced cheque in Dubai

Filling Of Criminal Complain For Bounced Cheque Online

In the light of modern discovery, there are two diversions of the judiciary in UAE which are the Federal and Local judiciary. Based on that, it is absolutely a criminal offense in the UAE to present a bounced cheque or a cheque with insufficient balance.

So the first thing to do is to fill a criminal complaint, this is a vital thing to do and it should not be discounted just on the basis that it will not lead to a criminal sentence. If you are finding it hard to fill the complaint. Below is a simple guide that will help you to fill such a criminal complaint.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to prepare the complaint in Arabic and submit it through the Dubai online portal. After the submission, a transaction number will be issued, please do not be careless with this transaction number it should be kept safe in other to follow up on any progress

Step 2: The police will, in turn, send a request to the relevant bank to obtain the signatory’s details. The needed information may take some days or weeks to be available. We suggest you follow it up after waiting for about 5 days but still no show.

Step 3: Been the complainant, you are also required to visit the police station to provide them with the below evidence

  • The original check returned by the bank
  • The return advice slips from the bank indicating that the check was returned alongside with the reason it was returned.
  • just a copy of the signatory’s passport you have on your file and the person’s full address and contact details

Step 4: Once the complaint is accepted. The police will now register the complaint and provide a case number. Note: Don’t discard the number please keep it safe as it will be used as time proceeds

Step 5: Once the police received a response confirming the signatory details. The next thing they will do is to contact the signatory requesting him/her to attempt the police station to answer the complain

Step 6: If the signatory fails to come, then the police will now circulate a request to the immigration authority to prevent the signatory from traveling. If the signatory attempts traveling then the immigration authority will now detain him.

Step 7. If the signatory agrees to pay the outstanding dues. You are free to apply to the police for the withdrawal of the case. And then go to the police station to collect the found.

Step 8: But if by any Chance the signatory fails to pay then you can now forward the issue to the public prosecutor. Who will then direct the case to the criminal court to decide

How To Check If I Have Any Police Case In Dubai

Based on our recent findings, Residents can now check online to see if they have any financial cases registered in Dubai to be precise. The UAE police have an online free of charge services that enables citizens of UE to see if they have any travel Ban based in financial cases in the emirate of Dubai.

In other to make use of such service you have to log in with your Emirate ID card number and then have full access to the mobile number registered against the Emirate ID. When entering the UID, an OTP will be sent to your phone which will be used to verify it is you.

Using the service isn’t cumbersome all you have to do is to visit the Dubai police website or download the Dubai police App available on iTunes and Google Play.

Puja majhi puri

Wednesday 10th of May 2023

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