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How to Charge Fitbit Sense

How to charge Fitbit Sense? How to charge Fitbit Sense without charger? How to Check for battery level?

Here is the instruction on how to charge your Fitbit device

. To charge your device, make sure you plug the charging cable that came with your Fitbit device into a USB port on your computer, a UL-certified USB wall charger, or any other energy device like a power bank.

You should attach the other end of the cable to your device. It can take up to 1-2 hours before your device can charge up to 100%.

How to Attach Charging Cable to Fitbit Sense

Hold the end of the charging cable near the port on the back of the watch until it attaches magnetically. You will see the battery percentage appear on the screen.

How to Check for Battery Level on Fitbit Iconic

To do that, from the clock face, swipe right. You should then see the battery level icon is at the top of the screen. Now when your device battery is critically low, a low battery icon will appear for 3 seconds at the top of the clock face when you turn on the screen.

Please while charging your device, make sure that the there are no metal objects, such as jewelry, nearby as your device charges. And when the device is done charging, unplug the charging cable.

Yes, you will get a notification or email when your device’s battery is low. Apart from that, you can also extend your battery life by reducing your use of certain features. You should always keep the charging contact on the back of your device and the pins on the charging cable clean and free of debris. To avoid any complications, don’t leave your device plugged in on the charger longer than overnight.