How To Allow Android Notifications On PC With Microsoft’s Your Phone

For folks who spend the greater part of their day in front of a PC, there’s very little chance to keep checking their smartphones for new notifications and messages.

Microsoft has come up with a solution to that problem, with their “Your Phone”, which basically lets you mirror messages and notifications to your work PC.


It’s a really easy application to use and would allow to you keep your eyes off your android phone, in times when you need to. In this post, we’ll be discussing and highlighting the steps and procedures in setting up the “Your Phone” app for your android phone and your PC.

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PC With Microsoft’s Your Phone

How To Allow Android Notifications On PC With Microsoft’s Your Phone

 To get started, you’d need to download the “Your Phone” and its Companion for your PC and your Android phone respectively. The requirement for downloading the app on your PC is that it should be running the 10 April 2018 Windows 10 version (or newer). You can download the app for your PC here.

For your Phone, Android versions from Android 7.0 Nougat upwards would do.

For your Android phone, it’s a bit easier. You could either head over to the Google Play Store to download the “Your Phone Companion” app or open the “Your Phone” app on your PC (when you’ve installed it) and follow the prompt which would ask you to input your phone number. You will then be sent a download link from there.

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Once you’ve successfully installed the Your Phone on both your Android Phone and your Windows 10 PC, the next thing you would be required is to sign in to your Microsoft Account.

This process is often automatic on the PC since you probably must have signed in to your Microsoft account earlier before. For the Your Phone Companion App on your Android phone, you will be prompted to sign in during set up. To ensure that both apps are linked properly, ensure that it is the same Microsoft account you are using for both of them.

While setting up the app on the Android phone, ensure that you give it permissions to access files on your phone, as well as phone calls, messages, and contacts. Feel free to revoke permission to the things you don’t think you would be using. Enable notifications to access both on the PC and on the Android phone, you can enable notifications access on the PC by going into the Notifications tab, and click on the Open Settings For Me. All you just need to do is to turn on Notification Access on your Android phone.

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At this point, you’re ready to go! Your Phone’s notifications should be available on your PC, and as newer ones come into your phone, it is sent to your PC as well. You can customize whether you wish to see your notifications on the control center or not, but sadly, there’s not much left to do outside that. Hopefully, other handy features would be added in future versions of the app.

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