Its years now and Apple and iOS seemed to be getting stale with incremental- updates per- year. This was the case that Apple spent years, perfecting the interface operating system, while you are leaving some features in the dust. But it is changing in some years, also changing in a very big way after Apple acquired its flow team. The Workflow team has continued to work on its application in Apple’s umbrella, until the release of iOS 12. Coupling with previous year’s release, Apple introduced a new way which you can automate a myriad of actions along with a new name, Shortcuts. With iOS 13, many more updates to Shortcuts including its likes of the time-based and location-based actions.


iPhone Home Screen Widget

How to Add Shortcuts to home screen widgets

At the Shortcuts app Library, you are going to click on a shortcut to open then click   – open Settings.

And click on Add to Home Screen.

Click Done. A Safari page will then open.

You have to follow the onscreen instructions in Safari:

Click on the bottom of the screen.

Click Add to Home Screen (in the lower row of icons). You might sometimes, need to swipe left in other to locate the Add to Home Screen button.

Optional: click, and type a new name for the shortcut. Tip: please try keeping the name short, as iOS truncates longer names.

Click Add. The shortcut is placed in the Home screen.

It Optional: at the Home screen, click the shortcut. And The Shortcuts app opens and runs the shortcut.

When you must have toggled this setting to the position, and all of your most favorite widgets will now show up in Today View.

What is the meaning of a “Trusted Shortcut”?

Example, this is fine if you are getting it from a particular trusted source like the MacStories or even ones found here on AppleToolBox. However, sometimes you may find a shortcut on Twitter or the Reddit those are an example of a time that this setting is needed. Example a Trusted Shortcut is one that you know being added to your own -collection, and it comes from a source which you trust.

When you don’t toggle this setting above and you add an untrusted shortcut, you are going to receive the prompt below. With the iOS 13, if you are adding a new shortcut and that doesn’t come from its Shortcuts app, you will now have to scroll down through all the actions. And it gives you a great ability to essentially review the action of the shortcut ensuring that there is nothing malicious hidden.

What else has changed in the Shortcuts for iOS 13?

Shortcuts this is the most interesting been added to Apple’s software as it’s an app which seems just like it is geared towards geeks and also nerds. The company sees so many potentials, which major changes are rolling out with the release of the iOS 13.

As previously mentioned above, Apple has now decided on building this app directly into iOS. Before, there has been a separate app which needed to be downloaded before you could be experiencing the greatness of Shortcuts.

Few more changes with the Shortcuts in iOS 13:

•    The- Suggestions

•    The- Automation Triggers

•    The- Events, Travel, Settings

•    The- NFC integration

•    The -Redesigned Gallery

Changes like this will hopefully be making Shortcuts be even more popular with the most basic users finding use in the app.


We have stated above, that the Shortcuts is one of the most exciting additions to the iOS 13 and to the iOS in general. Also, we love looking at the integration into iOS as a system option, versus believing that people will install the application and also tinker with what’s inside.

Addition, Apple has recently redesigned its gallery making it more appealing, and while adding this ability in other to automate these based on different situations. We are still in the early days of the iOS 13, so we are now hoping to see more features added ahead of the final release this fall.

For the meantime, we will like to know what your favorite Shortcuts are. Please drop off in the comments section below and let us know how you are automating your life! Thank for your corporation


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