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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Travel Website?

The first thing that springs to mind as a travel agency company owner looking to capitalize on the lucrative travel and tourism sector is how much travel website creation costs. However, this is a subject that no travel site development business can definitively answer. There are many aspects that they must evaluate before estimating the cost of constructing your travel website.

What Variables Determine the Cost of Developing a Travel Portal?

What is Your Area of Expertise?

Your specialization will determine what features and functionality will be included on your vacation website. The decision between catering to local clients and having a worldwide reach also has an impact on pricing. This is because of reasons such as API/GDS integration services, among others.

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Is Your Travel Company B2B or B2C?

Owners of travel businesses may choose between the Business to Consumer Model and the Business to Business Model. When a travel website uses the B2C model, it offers services and goods directly to customers, while the B2B approach, as the name implies, interacts with companies and partners to market their services.

A B2B travel website creation costs somewhat more than a B2C travel website development, despite the little cost difference.

After deciding on the above two aspects for launching a travel agency, the following step is to contact a travel portal development business. You will need to negotiate how much it will cost to construct a travel website for your travel company. The cost estimate you will get from the development team will be heavily influenced by the following factors:

Functionality & Features

The functionality and features of your travel website are the most essential factors in determining the cost of its construction. A simple travel portal would be less expensive than one with extensive functionality.

Furthermore, a travel website with basic features often costs between $2000-$5000. Apps with medium to high complexity in functionality cost more.

The Development Team’s Location

The location of the development team is another important aspect that determines the cost of travel portal development. Developers in India and Indonesia are said to provide much lower per-hour prices for creating a tourism website. The setup, development, design, maintenance, and updates are all charged for by the developers and designers.

The following are projected developer rates for travel website development:

  • The US – $30- $50
  • $25-$50 for Eastern Europe
  • Africa – $20 to $40
  • Asia – $18-$40

Time for Growth

The intricacy determines how long it will take the developers to create a travel website for you. Naturally, the more features and intricacy there are, the longer it will take them to create the website.

The Company’s Reputation

The cost is also determined by the sort of travel portal development firm you use and the development specialists’ expertise. Improved development costs are associated with larger service quality and a higher number of successful project completions.

Services for API/GDS Integration

API/GDS integration services make it easier to access a huge inventory of hotels, airlines, excursions, trains, and rental car businesses. You no longer need to contact individual organizations, hotels, airlines, and so forth for inventory using API/GDS connection.

You may provide the APIs you need for the travel portal development business throughout the creation of your travel website. At an extra expense, the firm also offers APIs to travel companies.

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Travel Portal Security

Customers trust websites that are free of risks and fraud, thus you should invest in better security for your travel website. You may be charged extra by a travel site development company to allow 3D verification codes and captcha.

Integration of Payment Gateways

Integrating secure payment gateways allows clients to share their personal and financial information with your travel website without fear of their information being hacked.

The Website’s Design

In this technologically sophisticated day, a quick and adaptable website is what enhances client conversion rate. Furthermore, the design of your website may be simple or advanced, which affects the development expenses.


Given the aforementioned considerations, it is important to contact a reputable travel portal development firm to create a travel website for your organization. Although the cost of developing a travel website is somewhat greater than the cost of hiring a freelancer, a quality travel website is required if you want to enhance brand loyalty, establish trust among your clients, and improve income.

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