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How Do I Get My iPad Keyboard Back To The Bottom Of The Screen?

Many iPad users have consistently searched for various ways to move the iPad keyboard back to the bottom of the screen or to a different part of this screen. Recently, many reasons have been attached to it. Some said that the full keyboard causes an obstruction on the screen thereby not enabling them to view some properties well, type very well, etc.

So they think the best thing to do is to split the keyboard into different parts, some of them later succeeded in splitting the full keyboard into the different parts but after that, returning the keyboard to its original form will now be a dog of war.

 The funniest part of its all is that some don’t even know how to split the iPad keyboard into various part to enable them to type or view component, whereas some have successfully moved the keyboard at the upper region of the screen but returning it back to the bottom of the screen will be the survival of the fittest.

 In any case, this article will help you a whole lot, it will be centered on how to split the iPad keyboards into various parts and how to move the iPad keyboard to the bottom of the screen. I will advise you to read in between the lines to discover the various step it entails. Before we begin let’s first consider how to split the iPad keyboard.

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 How To Split The IPad Keyboard 

 1. Firstly, open an app and click on the text field 

 2. Press and hold the lower right corner of the keyboard firmly

 3. Slide it up and click on ‘split’. Indeed the iPad keyboard will automatically split. Note. The split keyboard isn’t available on iPad Pro(12.9-inch ) or iPad 11-inch.

 After splitting the iPad keyboard, does it mean you can not marge it again? The answer is blatant No. You can still marge it together with the way it was, below are the steps you have to undergo in other to marge it to the original form 

 How To Marge The iPad Keyboard After Splitting 

 1. Click on a text field.

 2. Click and hold the lower right corner of the keyboard.

 3. Slide it up and then click on the marge. Immediately the keyboard will marge and become a single body. 

 Apparently, you can turn split keyboard on or off on iPad are you aware, if you want to try it kindly follow the troubleshooting steps below

 How To Turn Split Keyboard On or Off in iPad 

 1. Click on the text field 

 2. Click on the keyboard settings and then select a split keyboard.

 3. Or go to settings and then click on General 

 4. At General click on the keyboard 

 5. At the keyboard menu, you see the turn keyboard off and on key and then click on any one of your choice either off or on.


 How To Move Keyboard Back To the Bottom Of The Screen.

 Facts still remain that you can move your keyboard to any part of the screen but keyboards are always at the bottom. Below are the steps needed to move your keyboard to the bottom of the screen 

 Step 1. Touch and hold the keyboard 

 Step 2. Slide up and click on undock 

 Step 3. Slightly click and hold the keyboard then drag it to the lower region of the screen. To move a full keyboard up and down of the screen just slightly touch and hold the keyboard then slide up and tap Dock.

 If you want to merge a split keyboard and move it back to the bottom of the screen, touch and hold the keyboard, slide up and tap Dock and Merge.

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