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How to fix Google Drive not syncing Windows 10

If you’re a computer user who is in the Google ecosystem, you are most probably using Google drive to sync all your files and folders across all your devices.

However, as seamlessly as Google Drive syncs your files and folders across your devices, there are times it just won’t sync on your Windows 10.

That might be because of a number of reasons, and most of the time, it is hard to pinpoint the cause. This post aims to help troubleshoot this problem and help you fix in as little time as possible.

Step 1: Pause it

The first thing to do when Google drive has stopped syncing is to Pause the Backup and Sync and restart it. Click on the three-dot menu to show the Pause option; click on it. It might take a little while for the effect to show after then you’d see the resume option. Click on the resume option to let the syncing continue from where it stopped. Now check if your files and folders are syncing as intended.
google drive unable to backup

Step 2: Quit it

If pausing the Backup and Sync didn’t work, quitting it entirely and then restarting it might just work. To do so, head on over to the Backup and Restore icon, and click on the “quit backup and Sync”. After a while, that would be in effect, then you can restart it.

Step 3: Reinstall it

If quitting Backup and Sync isn’t working, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Head on over to your Apps and uninstall it from there; download and install the latest version of Backup and Sync from here.

Step 4: Choose the correct account

If your Google Drive isn’t syncing still, it might just be because you’re trying to sync from the wrong account. Double-check and make sure that the logged-on account is the same account you’re syncing from.

Step 5: Check Sync Folder settings

The sync settings in the Backup and Sync allows to specifically choose what folders you wish to sync. If your Google Drive isn’t syncing, it might just be that most of your folders aren’t checked to sync. Check the files you wish to sync.

Step 6: Check the firewall settings

Your system’s firewall might have tampered with the Backup and Sync functionality. Enable Backup and Sync under the Private and Public column of your firewall.
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Step 7: Run as Administrator

Backup and Sync might not have the administrative rights to the user account, and when it doesn’t, it can’t run properly. Run Backup and Sync as an administrator.

Step 8: Change your Proxy settings

If you’re using a proxy to connect to your Google Drive account, it just might be that Backup and Sync isn’t able to access it. It is recommended to use Direct Connection.

Step 9: Delete Desktop.ini file

When Google Drive isn’t syncing on Windows 10, it records the error instance in a file termed desktop.ini. Go to the location of that file and delete it.

Step 10: Check file size and name length

The files you’re trying to sync might be exceeding your Google Drive allocation, hence Google Drive wouldn’t sync it. It might also be that the name of the files are longer than 255 characters (which is what windows 10 supports)

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