Netflix is an online streaming website that allows you to stream and download TV series over the internet. Irrespective of your location, you can watch tons of movie’s and also download them online as long as you have internet access, with a laptop, Tablet or smartphone. Getting the free Netflix account is the best and only option to download or stream all your favorite TV series from the comfort of your home.

NetFlix Account

The little downside of Netflix is that it requires a fee for a subscription after you have enjoyed the one Month free trial. We know not everyone especially students can be able to pay the bucks in other to stream movies online. This is why many are out there in search of free Netflix account generator so that they can have access to the premium account without paying any money. Below are the benefits of Netflix free account

Features Of NetFlix Account

Using the Netflix free account you can be able to watch and download movies online. You will need to sign with your email address either using the premium package or the free account. Below are the features of the Free NetFlix Account.

  • Enjoy free movies online either through streaming or download
  • You can add subtitles which make it easier for you based on your location
  • The free account comes with limits to movies access, but with the free membership, you will have unlimited access to movies of any kind
  • You can also rate movies based on the Netflix recommendation
  • You can watch videos on one device and complete the remaining show on another device.

How To Get Netflix Free Account

Below we will be showing how to get free Netflix account that will give you access unlimited movies and features without paying for it. Now read on as we dive into the methods below

30 Day Netflix Trial Account For Free

The popular method that most people settle for is using the Free NetFlix trial account. This method can only last for 30 days and after that, you will be required to make payment before you have full access to the account. The most exciting thing about this is that it does not require you to enter your payment details. You can subscribe for the free account without any hitches. Now follow the steps below to create a free Netflix account.

Step 1: Visit the official NetFlix account and click on the 30 days free trial of NetFlix.

Step 2: From here you will have to choose the plan with an option such as basic, standard and premium plan which will last for 30 days

Step 3: Now fill in the required details and submit. After that, you can now log in to the NetFlix with your email and password and enjoy unlimited access to movies series.

Free NetFlix Account Generator

You can use the free Netflix account generator to access the global online streaming website. Now follow the method below to create a free NetFlix account.

Step 1: Visit the NetFlix official website

Step 2: Now fill in the required details and complete the sign-up process to get your account username and password

Step 3: You will be rewarded with a premium account and you can share it with 8 people to stream on NetFlix for free.

Google PlayStore Free NetFlix Account

You can use Google PlayStore to access the NetFlix premium account for free. This method only allows you how to create unlimited free premium trail account. Meaning it will expire after 30 days which you can also renew it again using another email address.

Step 1: Add your debit card or virtual card to the Google PlayStore

Step 2: Now download Netflix App on your Android phone

Step 3: Open the App and on the bill payment, use Google Pay and set it as your preferred billing choice.

Step 4: Use the free account for one month which is 30 days and cancel the subscription

Step 5: Now you can setup up another account using a different email with the above method.

NetFlix does not have the ability to recognize the card while paying through Google Pay.
That’s all, enjoy and don’t forget to share this with your friends and also use the comment box to drop your comment.


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