FMOVIES: Watch and Download Free Movies and TV shows Online

FMovies is a file-sharing website that allows users to watch a large variety of movies and TV shows for free. It offers movies and TV shows for people around the world. This website was established in the year 2016.

It became popular and well known within a few months but it was faced with certain setbacks which led to google banding and blocking them from using their search engine. It was frustrated by copyright authorities in different countries for copyright infringement but still, it remains the best streaming website.

We give access to 2000+ movies and 5000 TV series in high quality for free streaming, with no registration. Fmovies and other streaming sites like it have been a target for relevant authorities for privacy and copyright infringement, but they still remain the best. Unfortunately, no one knows where the site is hosted and that makes it a very difficult target for law enforcement.


History of Fmovies

The site was created in 2016 and became popular within a few months but as you all know that Fmovies site has had a troubled history but shockingly the site is here till today. In December 2016, Google announced that it has blocked Fmovies from its search result and also so many countries blocked the site. They were even sued by the Filipino media organization for piracy and were charged $210,000 for the damages they caused.


This site itself is subjected to Pop up ads, unwanted ads, and warnings. Some FMovies are of the opinion that you update flash and your device needs a scan because of malware which can cause viruses and other complications to your device. You might be watching your desired movie or TV show on your device with no issues arising but you might also be downloading malware and other nefarious content to your mac as well.

When downloading or streaming online you should keep in mind that it is never safe for your device because the platform not only has a hotbed for sketchy software download but you don’t know what else you are downloading into your device aside from the file. It is a Cyber intruder which may affect your device or hardware after a recent operation online.

Is FMOVIES legal?

There are lots of controversy surrounding this website stating that its domains have been seized several times by copyright authorities because the administrators are infringing so many trademarks and also involved in the propaganda of misleading and potentially dangerous advertisements.FMovies relies on malicious ads to monetize their content because no legitimate ad will want to work with them because of the bad image it has and its illegal way of operation.

Guidelines to follow in other to download movies free

There are certain procedures which are needed to be done before you can access this site. But due to its friendly interface, this site has made it very easy and simple to operate and make use of the site for personal use and satisfaction. Before any activity can be conducted on this device, the following guidelines should be adequately followed.

  1. First, install VPN downloaded to avoid restriction.
  2. After that open VPN software and select an IP address of a country where is not banned
  3. Once you change the IP address, you can now download any movie you want for free. You can also follow these guidelines
    1. Go to your browser and input the website name.
    2. Search for your desired movie or TV show.
    3. When the video is buffering and loading, the extension will be highlighted as a colored 3- balls icon, which indicates there are movies to be downloaded.
    4. Then click on the icon and select one option to download movies.

FMOVIES Site Networth

FMOVIES worth the US $96,500,000 because of the public traffic and ranking data, it makes a revenue of US $ 17,381,520 annually with an estimated 1,158,840,000 visits per year of people who browse up to 5,794,051,680 pages yearly.

Alternative to FMOVIES

There is another streaming platform to download movies for free like.

  • 123movies is one of the fastest sites to what the latest/recent movies for free before you count one, two, and three.
  • Movie watcher is the site where you can see movies like action, horror, crime, documentary, drama, family, sport, scientific, football, and western.
  • Solar movies
  • Movie DLL
  • Two movies
  • House movies
  • Tubi is the premium quality alternative of Fmovies.
  • Yes movies
  • Look movie
  • Yifymovie

The advantage for using FMOVIES streaming platform

  • It is very fast in downloading: it is fast and doesn’t delay or have any network issues when downloading movies.
  • Keeping our personal information safe
  • it helps to entertain people all over the world.

with this platform you can access different movies online from all parts of the world

  • Allow more than one platform to use the app.
  • No account or registration is needed, you have to do is select a movie and start viewing

Major setbacks of FMovies.

Its legitimacy is still questionable to people over time. It’s been distributed by law enforcement and copyright authorities to have copyright infringement and piracy. Downloading movies and TV shows with your data from this website can attract extra additional charges from your carrier and sometimes it’s difficult to watch the movies on FMOVIES online without different unwanted ads and malware arising.

Requirements for using FMOVIES.

1. Get a good device that can access the internet, which can either be an android phone, iPhone, laptop, desktop or computer (PC).

2. Good internet connection or mobile network.

  1. follow the guidelines

4. search and download the movie of your choice

What can be found on this site?

This platform is endowed with different varieties of movies and videos which are very entertaining and educating. In FMovies you can get unlimited access to your best quality movies and TV shows online all over the world and at any time.

You can find;

1. adventure movies

2. Action movies

3. Animation

4. Biography

5. comedy

  1. Costume

7. Documentary

8. Romantic movies

9. Family movies and many more.

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