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FastPeopleSearch Removal – Remove Yourself from Public Records

In one of the content, I talked about FastPeopleSearch. This website is a very simple but unique people finder. Fastpeoplesearch keeps your personal information safe and provides you with the information when needed. One thing I love about this site is that it can retrieve your long-lost information as well as contacts, phone numbers, and other valuable information, as far as it is detailed and saved on the internet.

With the help of FastPeopleSearch, you no longer need to ask random people for information about someone you want to know about. All you have to do is, search their details using their names, phone numbers, email, addresses, reverse phone lookups, reverse address lookups, and street addresses.

fastpeoplesearch removal

  Every entrance has its own exit, and so does this website. This platform makes it possible for the public to also delete and take off their personal information from the site. For privacy and security reasons, sometimes people whose databases are here will want to remove their information to avoid unwanted people reaching out to them.

Some people might search for your details with ulterior motives. So this platform provides room for users who want to keep their identities private and hidden from people.  There are some procedures and guidelines kept in place, to enable you to erase your database.

How to Remove your database from fastpeoplesearch 

 For those of you who are already on FastPeopleSearch and want to erase their information from the website, this is for you. You can either use the manual or automatic removal to do it

How to remove yourself using the manual method. 

1. Visit the website removal Https://

2. Go to the search button and input your name.

3. Find your listing and click “View free details” 

4. click “remove my record”

5. within  24/72 hours your information will be off.

  These are the guidelines to follow in removing yourself from Fastpeoplesearch. When these guidelines are properly followed, your information will be off the internet in no due time.

How to remove yourself using the automatic method

 This method is actually the fastest and easiest way to erase information from FastPeopleSearch and other Data brokers. Using the OneRep automated removal tool automatically removes your database from the internet with no stress or complication.

* OneRep automated removal tool monitors the website and erases your data if it pops up again.

* It not only removes you from FastPeopleSearch and any other data broker that shares your personal information.

   There are other sideways through which you can remove yourself, which are:

  1. FastPeopleSearch Removal via phone call.

When removing your information from FastPeopleSearch, you can call customer service or someone in charge of service to remove your record from their site. You will be asked to provide some vital information about yourself as your full name, age, and current and previous address which can assist them in finding your listings.

Tell them you wish your records to be removed with immediate effect.

  You can contact them via phone at (866)679-8725

  1. FastPeopleSearch Removal via Fax and mail

Using the Fax or mail to remove your information from the internet can be achieved by sending your opt-out request via mail, and asking the service representative to erase your information or record from their website. You will be asked to provide certain information about yourself. Which involves your Full name, DOB, current and previous address, and the URL of the record you want to remove.

You can send them a mail via

*Fax to +1.4806242598

*Mail to PO BOX 55071 Boston, MA0

Fastpeoplesearch was formed in the year 2017, with the database featuring 16.5 billion records and approximately  10 million monthly visitors.

 It has the capacity to search and compile information from different sources and different people. This platform is not limited by distance and location, it goes the extra mile to make sure the information which is provided to the public is concrete. 

Is FastPeopleSearch illegal?

  This platform is 100% legal. It can access public records since the information is publicly provided to the public. The data shared is gotten from available information on the internet. This platform is recognized by the law so you have nothing to fear about. It is rare to find this site provides fake details about something. It is like a truth finder, that searches for people’s records from the top to the button before it analyses and provides the required result.

FastPeopleSearch Quick links

1. privacy policy.

This privacy policy is a link programmed in every website to secure your information from the public. It provides security on data transmission over the internet, wireless transmission, and electronic storage of  information 

2. Terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions are the first things you see before using the platform. I use the site to signify that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

3. contact us page

On this page, you can contact the customer care service or service representative, if you have any challenges, difficulties, or stress in using the platform.

In case you have a complaint, all you have to do is, check the contact us page, you will see the service care number or mail address, and call or mail them to lay your challenge.

4. opt-out page

This is the last page in the Fastpeoplesearch where you can remove and delete your records if you don’t feel like continuing. In other to delete yourself from FastPeopleSearch, you have to properly follow the steps in it.

Best FastPeopleSearch Alternatives in 2022

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That’s all. As you can see, it’s very easy to remove yourself from the FastPeopleSearch database. This is best used for those that want to keep their life and privacy private.

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