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Fake AirPods 3: How to Tell the original Airpod from Fake one

In the market of wireless earphones, Airpod wireless in-ear earphones by Apple Inc are one of the most popular earphones. Apple Inc launched this product on December 13, 2016, in the global market and its unique design and features made it more popular among people around the world. 

People are crazy about this product but this has also created a fake market for this product. You might be wondering how to tell fake Airpod 3 from the original Airpod. Here we can help you with some important tips regarding fake Airpod 3 which will help you to differentiate between original and fake AirPods.

Look at Packaging

Looking at the packaging of an Airpod is a good place to start. Some fakes are made so well that they’re hard to tell apart, but there are a few giveaways. The most obvious difference between real and fake ones is that Apple has never given away a free set of earphones with them, so if you see this in your box, you know it’s not authentic! 

The second giveaway would be to look for errors in grammar or spelling. If something looks off about the product text, then it probably isn’t genuine! 

If you can get hold of one of the Airpods themselves, check for any small dents or marks around where the charging cable fits into the case. These won’t be visible if someone is selling a genuine pair online because they will have been wrapped up before posting – but make sure before buying elsewhere! Another thing to look out for is the shape of the connector at the end of the charger wire. A lot of counterfeits use straight connectors, whereas Apple’s always taper to a point.

Fake AirPods 3

If you still aren’t sure after all these pointers, contact apple customer service! They’ll be able to give you advice and answer any questions as soon as possible

Check Its Serial Number

Serial numbers are typically found on the bottom of your device. If your serial number starts with A, then your iPhone is an iPhone XS Max, and it’s a fake. If it starts with B, then you have an iPhone XS, which is also a fake. 

The only way to find out for sure if you’re having a real or fake Apple product would be to find out its serial number on the bottom of the device. To find out what model you have without checking the serial number, head over to Settings -> General -> About -> Model. If you see iPhone 11 Pro written there, then congratulations! You’ve got yourself a real Apple device!

Check Its Weight

Weight is a good indicator of authenticity because real AirPods have a heavier feel. If you compare the weight of your earbuds with a known weight (such as another set of AirPods or a set of charged EarPods), you can test whether they are authentic. 

Before charging, fake Airpods are noticeably lighter and when placed on a scale, will measure around 12 grams. When fully charged, authentic AirPods weigh between 55 and 66 grams. 

In general, if your earbuds appear lighter than an empty case and weigh less than a full case when you put them on the scales, then they may be fake. Authentic Apple AirPods will never lose battery life during charging; so if you notice that your battery is decreasing while plugged in, this could also indicate that your product is not genuine.

Check Its Appearance

If you are not sure if the AirPods you have purchased is real or fake, there are a few ways to tell. The first way would be to compare them with another pair of genuine Apple AirPods that you know is real. If they look exactly alike, then they’re probably authentic. 

Secondly, it’s easy to spot a counterfeit by looking at the shape and size of the earbuds’ case. On the back of every AirPod box, there will be an engraving reading Designed by Apple in California and Assembled in China. While this might seem like an odd thing to check for authenticity, it’s worth checking for because some of these counterfeits do get past quality control inspections.

What to Do If You Purchase Fake AirPods 3?

If you happen to purchase a fake pair of Apple’s new wireless AirPods 3, it’s time for you to take action and rectify the situation. You have two options: either send them back or go out and buy a new set. If you’re sending them back, then make sure that you have your receipt and packaging with you when you return them. 

And if not, then just go out and buy a new set of Apple’s newest release! They’re available online at Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., and in stores nationwide. It’s well worth the investment for an authentic product – don’t get duped by scam artists! 

The only way you can tell for sure whether your AirPods are fake is if they are noticeably cheaper than what they should be. Don’t let yourself be tricked into purchasing these knockoffs! A lot of people think that this is a joke, but I’m here to tell you that it’s very real. Just like other scams, there are plenty of websites selling counterfeits of the original product. 

So, before you make any purchases on eBay or Alibaba (to name a few), make sure that you read reviews about the company first! These reviews will allow you to figure out how trustworthy their business is as well as whether they sell authentic products.

Where Are Fake Airpods 3 Sold?

There are many online stores that sell fake Airpods, but they can also be found in some physical stores. If you purchase a pair of fake Airpods, there is no way of telling if they are real or not. It’s possible that someone will buy them and think they’re getting the authentic version only to find out it was just a scam. It is important for consumers to research where their product comes from before purchasing it so they don’t fall victim to scams like this one.

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